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Learning to schedule job-shop problems: Representation and policy learning using graph neural network and reinforcement learning

Park, Junyoung; Chun, Jaehyeong; Kim, Sang Hun; Kim, Youngkook; Park, Jinkyooresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION RESEARCH, v.59, no.11, pp.3360 - 3377, 2021-06

User-Defined Walking-in-Place Gestures for VR Locomotion

Kim, Woojoo; Xiong, Shupingresearcher, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HUMAN-COMPUTER STUDIES, v.152, no.102648, 2021-08

A multiscale analysis of the temporal characteristics of resting-state fMRI data

Park, Cheolwooresearcher; Lazar, Nicole A.; Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher; Sornborger, Andrew, JOURNAL OF NEUROSCIENCE METHODS, v.193, no.2, pp.334 - 342, 2010-11

Trace Ratio Optimization for High-Dimensional Multi-Class Discrimination

Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher; Chung, Hee Cheol; Jeon, Yongho, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL AND GRAPHICAL STATISTICS, v.30, no.1, pp.192 - 203, 2021-01

Subspace rotations for high-dimensional outlier detection

Chung, Hee Cheol; Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher, JOURNAL OF MULTIVARIATE ANALYSIS, v.183, 2021-05

Term Structures and Scenario-Based Social Discount Rates under Smooth Ambiguity

Kim, Dowon; Kim, Kyoung-Kukresearcher; Lee, Jiwoong, ENGINEERING ECONOMIST, v.66, no.2, pp.121 - 149, 2021-04

Cost of shareholder engagement by institutional investors under short-swing profit rule

Lee, Dongyeol; Kim, Woo Changresearcher, FINANCE RESEARCH LETTERS, v.40, 2021-05

Grouped variable screening for ultra-high dimensional data for linear model

Qiu, Debin; Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher, COMPUTATIONAL STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS, v.144, 2020-04

Optimal Restrictions on Regression Parameters For Linear Mixture Model

Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher; 박성현, Journal of the Korean Statistical Society, v.28, no.3, pp.325 - 336, 1999

Gene selection using support vector machines with non-convex penalty

Zhang, HH; Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher; Lin, X; Park, Cheolwooresearcher, BIOINFORMATICS, v.22, no.1, pp.88 - 95, 2006-01

A stable hyperparameter selection for the Gaussian RBF kernel for discrimination

Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher, Statistical Analysis and Data Mining, v.3, no.3, pp.142 - 148, 2010-06

A resampling approach for interval-valued data regression

Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher; Peng, M; Park, Cheolwooresearcher; Jeon, Y, STATISTICAL ANALYSIS AND DATA MINING, v.5, no.4, pp.336 - 348, 2012-08

A doubly sparse approach for group variable selection

Kwon, Sunghoon; Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher; Jang, Woncheol; Lee, Sangin; Kim, Yongdai, ANNALS OF THE INSTITUTE OF STATISTICAL MATHEMATICS, v.69, no.5, pp.1 - 29, 2017-10

The high-dimension, low-sample-size geometric representation holds under mild conditions

Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher; Marron, J. S.; Muller, Keith M.; Chi, Yueh-Yun, BIOMETRIKA, v.94, no.3, pp.760 - 766, 2007-08

Analysis of Long Period Variable Stars With Nonparametric Tests for Trend Detection

Park, Cheolwooresearcher; Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher; Hendry, Martin; Jang, Woncheol, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN STATISTICAL ASSOCIATION, v.106, no.495, pp.832 - 845, 2011-09

An integrative multivariate approach for predicting functional recovery using magnetic resonance imaging parameters in a translational pig ischemic stroke model

Kaiser, Erin E.; Poythress, J. C.; Scheulin, Kelly M.; Jurgielewicz, Brian J.; Lazar, Nicole A.; Park, Cheolwooresearcher; Stice, Steven L.; et al, NEURAL REGENERATION RESEARCH, v.16, no.5, pp.842 - 850, 2021-05

Blood transfusion is an independent predictor of increased mortality in nonoperatively managed blunt hepatic and splenic injuries

Robinson, WP; Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher; Stiffler, A; Rutherford, EJ; Hurd, H; Zarzaur, BL; Baker, CC; et al, JOURNAL OF TRAUMA-INJURY INFECTION AND CRITICAL CARE, v.58, no.3, pp.437 - 444, 2005-03

Support vector machines with adaptive L-q penalty

Liu, Yufeng; Zhang, Hao Helen; Park, Cheolwooresearcher; Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher, COMPUTATIONAL STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS, v.51, no.12, pp.6380 - 6394, 2007-08

Distance-weighted discrimination

Marron, J. S.; Todd, Michael J.; Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher, JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN STATISTICAL ASSOCIATION, v.102, no.480, pp.1267 - 1271, 2007-12

The maximal data piling direction for discrimination

Ahn, Jeongyounresearcher; Marron, J. S., BIOMETRIKA, v.97, no.1, pp.254 - 259, 2010-03



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