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Rheology of Immisicible Polymer Blends

Park, OOkresearcher; Lee, HM, 1992 Autumn Meeting of Rheology Society of Korea in Seoul, Rheology Society, 1992

Rheology of Layered Silicate Based Block Copolymer Nanocomposite

Lim, YT; Park, OOkresearcher, 71st Annual Meeting of Society of Rheology, Society of Rheology, 1999-10

Rheology of Layered Silicate Based Block Copolymer Nanocomposite

Park, OOkresearcher; Lim, YT, 한국유변학회 학술발표대회, 한국유변학회, 1999

Rheology of Polymer Nanocomposites

Park, OOkresearcher; Lim, YT, CAFPoly-Garcia Center Bilateral Symposium on Nanostructured Materials, 2000

Rheology of Rigid Macromolecular Solutions in Isotropic and Nematic Phases

박오옥researcher, 1989 Spring Meeting of KIChE, KIChE, 1989

Rheology of Rod-like Macromolecular Solutions In Isotropic and Liquid Crystalline Phases

Park, OOkresearcher; Fuller, GG, 60th Annual Meeting of SOR, SOR, 1989

Risk Assessment to BTEX from Underground Water

양지원researcher, 대한환경공학회 2001년 춘계학술발표회, pp.0 - 0, 대한환경공학회, 2001-01-01

Risk Assessment to BTEX from Underground Water by Inhalation Pathway

김상준; 조현정; 유동한; 양지원researcher, 대한환경공학회 2001년 춘계학술발표회, pp.317 - 318, 대한환경공학회, 2001

RNA Detection using Nicking Enzyme-based NASBA-Mimicking Isothermal Amplification

Ju, Yong; KIM, HYO YONG; Ahn, Jun Ki; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher, Nano Convergence Conference 2017, 나노기술협의회, 2017-02-22

RNA Sample Preparation on Rotary Microfluidic System

PARK, BYUNG HYUN; JUNG, JAE HWAN; SEO, TAE SEOKresearcher, The Korea Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering 2012, The Korea Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2012-04-12

RNase H Activity Assay Based on The Activation of DNA Polymerase Activity

Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher; Park, Ki Soo; Jung, Yujin; Lee, Chang Yeol, 2018 KSBB International Academia-Industry Joint Meeting, The Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering, 2018-10-10

RNase H Activity Assay Utilizing Target-mediated Activation of DNA Polymerase Activity

정유진; 이창열; 박기수; 박현규researcher, 2019 한국바이오칩학회 춘계학술대회, 사)한국바이오칩학회, 2019-05-16

Robust Adaptive Control with Active Learning for Fed-Batch Process Based on Approximate Dynamic Programming

Byun, Haeun; Kim, Boeun; Lee, Jay Hyungresearcher, IFAC 2020, International Federation of Automatic Control, 2020-07-16

Robust and Reconfigurable Microfluidic Encapsulation of Cholesteric Liquid Crystals toward Photonic Applications

김윤호; 이상석; 서현진; 가재원; 김신현researcher, 2017 한국고분자학회 추계학술대회, 한국고분자학회, 2017-10-13

Robust and Transparent Colloidal Photonic Crystals for Security Materials

이혜수; 심태섭; 양승만researcher; 김신현researcher, 한국화학공학회 춘계학술발표회, 한국화학공학회, 2013-04-25

Robust cycling of lithium-oxygen battery enabled by sustainable redox mediation with protected lithium metal anode

Kim, Hee-Takresearcher, 2016 한국전지학회 춘계 학술대회, 한국전지학회, 2016-05-13

Robust Cytochrome P450-P(3HB) Complex for Solar-to-Chemical Conversion Platform

Jeong, Ki Junresearcher; Lee, Jae Hyung, The 28th International Symposium on Chemical Engineering (ISChE 2015), ISChE, 2015-12-05

Robust dual adaptive control of semi-batch process based on approximate dynamic programming

BYUN, HA EUN; Kim, Boeun; Lee, Jay Hyungresearcher, 2019 The 19th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS 2019), ICROS, 2019-10-18

Robust Investment Model for Long Range Capacity Expansion of Chemical Processing Networks under Uncertain Demand Forecast Scenarios

Bok, Jin-Kwang; Lee, Heeman; Park, Sunwonresearcher, KACC, KACC, 1997-01-01

Robust MILP model for scheduling and design of multiproduct batch processes

Park, Sunwonresearcher, '98 KACC International Session, KACC, 1998-01-01

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