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Markerless Pseudomonas putida Chromosome Engineering with RecET Recombineering System

Park, D; Choi, Kyeong Rok; Cho, Jae Sung; CHO, INJIN; Lee, Sang Yupresearcher, 2018 International Meeting of the Federation of Korean Microbiological Societies, 한국미생물학회연합, 2018-10-12

Mass Production of Succinic Acid from Mannheimia succiniciproducens using Elementary Mode Analysis with Clustering

Ahn, Jung Ho; Kim, Won Jun; Kim, Hyun Ukresearcher; Lee, Sang Yupresearcher, 2019 한국생물공학회 춘계학술발표대회 및 국제심포지엄, 한국생물공학회, 2019-04-10

Mass spectrometry assisted label-free multiplex detection of genitourinary infection pathogen

Lee, Kyung Mee; Park, Jung Hun; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher, 10th International Conference on Separation Science and Technology, Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers, 2014-10-30

Mass spectrometry based label-free multiplex mutation site genotyping method by allele specific ligation and probe amplification

Park, JH; Jung, YL; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher, SciX 2013 (FACSS 40th conference), FACSS, 2013-09-29

Mass spectrometry based multiplex BRCA gene mutations genotyping

Park, Jung Hun; Jung, Ye Lim; Jung, Yun Kyung; Jung, Ceul Hee; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher, the 22nd IUBMB and 38th FEBS Congress, IUBMB, FEBS, 2012-09-04

Mass Spectrometry-based Label-free Multiplex Mutation Genotyping by Utilizing ASLP Technology

Park, JH; Jang, HW; Lee, K; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher, 2014 Annual Spring Meeting of The Korean BioChip Society, Korean BioChip Society, 2014-04-04

Mass Transfer and Hydrodynamic Studies on Two and Three Phase Fluidized Beds of Floating Bubble Breakers

Kim, Sang Doneresearcher, Proc. of 1st Asian Conf. on Fluidized-Bed and Three-Phase Reactors, pp.489 - 502, 1988

Mass Transfer Characteristics in Pressurized Bubble Column with Viscous Liquid Medium

Kim, Sang Doneresearcher, 11th Symp. on Chem. Eng., Kyushu-TaeJon/Chungnam, pp.197 - 198, 1998

Mass Transfer Characteristics in Two and Three Phase Fluidized Beds

김상돈researcher, Proc. of National Spring Meeting of KIChE, pp.108 - 109, 1987

Mass Transfer Characteristics of Liquid Phase in Three-Phase Fluidized Beds

김상돈researcher, Proc. of Autumn National Meeting of KIChE, 1991

Mass Transfer Characteristics of Three Phase Fluidized Beds, C-35

김상돈researcher, Proc. of National Autumn Meeting of KIChE, 1984

Mass Transfer Characteristics Three Phase Fluidized Beds

김상돈researcher, Proc. of Spring National Meeting of KIChE, pp.A9 -, 1982

Mass Transfer in Bubble Columns of Continuous Operation with Floating Bubble Breakers

Kim, Sang Doneresearcher, Proc. of 2nd Asian Conference on Fluidized-Bed and Three-Phase Reactors, pp.299 - 309, 1990

Mass Transfer Modelling of Asymmetric MembraneFormation by Phase Inversion.

김성철researcher, 추계 막학회, 1997

Mass transfer study in single droplet accompanied by hydrolysis reaction of acrboxlyic esters

Hong, Won-Hiresearcher; Jeon, SJ; Pawelski, A.; Kraume, M., International conference on separation science and technology, pp.127 - 127, 2007

Massive Atomic Hydrogen Production from Tetra-n-butylammonium semi-clathrate hydrate

고동연; 강혜리; 박주운; 이흔researcher, 한국화학공학회 춘계학술발표회, 한국화학공학회, 2012-04-26

Matabolic flux optimization for toxic chemical compounds production using a mathematical model

Lee sang yupresearcher; Na so kyun; Park hye gwon, International Meeting of the fedetation of Korean microbiological societies, Korean microbiological societies, 2012-10-11

Material Design for Performance Enhancement of Li-air Batteries

Park, Jung-Kiresearcher, 5th International Conference on Polymer Batteries and Fuel Cells, 2011-08-01

Mathematical Dynamic Modeling of Integrated Electric Carbon Dioxide Mineralization System

OH, SEUNG HWAN; Chung, Jane; Han, Jong-In; Lee, Jay-Hyung, 27th International symposium on chemical engineering, International Symposium on Chemical Engineering, 2014-12-05

Mathematical Model for Scheduling of Primary Steelmaking Processes

Park, Sunwonresearcher, The 4th Korea-France Workshop on Simulation, Optimization and Control in PSE, pp.123 - 135, 2000-01-01

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