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Hydrodynamics of small particles near a fluid-fluid interface.(Invited Lecture).

양승만researcher, 한국화학공학회 춘계학술발표회, 한국화학공학회, 1985-04

Hydrodynamics of Three Phase Fluidized Beds

김상돈researcher, Proc. of National Autumn Meeting of KIChE, pp.176 - 177, 1985

Hydrodynamics Properties of Binary Solid Mixtures in Two- and Three-Phase Fluidized Beds

Kim, Sang Doneresearcher, Asian Conf. on Innovative Energy & Environmental Chem. Eng., pp.33 - 38, 2008

Hydrodynamics, Heat Transfer and Coal Gasification Characteristics in a Downer Reactor

김상돈researcher, 12th. NRSE Technologies Workshop, pp.1940-03-01 - 40-15, 2000

Hydroformylation of propylene in aqueous phase catalyzed over rhodium complexes immobilized on PS/DVB containing DPPDS

Ro, KS; Woo, Seong-Ihlresearcher, Catalytic Science and Tech., pp.369 - 372, 1990

Hydroformylation of propylene in aqueous phase catalyzed over rhodium complexes immobilized on PS/DVB containing DPPDS

Ro, KS; Woo, Seong-Ihlresearcher, 한국화학공학회 추계학술발표회, 한국화학공학회, 1989-10

Hydrogel Microparticles of Poly(amino acids0 Derivatives grafted with oligo(L-valine)

정재현; 김종득researcher; 정보경, 춘계 한국공업화학회, 한국공업화학회, 2005-05-13

Hydrogel-Based Microfluidic Concentrator

허철준; 장세규; 김신현researcher; 최재훈; 심재원; 양승만, 2009 The Polymer Society of Korea Spring Meeting, 한국고분자학회, 2009-04

Hydrogel-laden Paper Scaffolds for Origami-based Tissue Engineering

Yu, Seung Jung; Kim, Suwhan; 이학래; Kim, Taek-Soo; 권성근; 황석연; Im, Sung Gap, 2015 MRS Fall Meeting & Exhibit, MRS(Materials Research Society), 2015-12-01

Hydrogen Adsorption and CO Oxidation Study of Supported Cobalt Catalysts

Kim, CS; Lee, SY; Kim, JC; Woo, Seong-Ihlresearcher, 한국화학공학회 춘계학술발표회, 한국화학공학회, 1987-04

Hydrogen Atom Beam Reduction of Transition Metal Supported Zeolite Catalysts

Ihm, Son Kiresearcher, 2nd Korea/USA Catalysis Workshop, 1989

Hydrogen Bonding in Poly(acrylamidocaproic acid)

Kim, HT; Park, Jung-Kiresearcher, IUPAC MACRO SEOUL'96, pp.0 - 0, 1996-08-01

Hydrogen Bonding in Poly(acrylamidocaproic acid),

Kim, HT; Park Jung Kiresearcher, 1995 한국고분자학회 추계학술발표회, pp.0 - 0, 한국고분자학회, 1995-10-01

Hydrogen multiple occupancy in tuned cages of clathrate hydrates

안윤호; 고동연; 강혜리; 이흔researcher, 한국화학공학회 추계학술발표회, 한국화학공학회, 2014-10-23

Hydrogen Peroxide Synthesis via Enhanced Two-Electron Oxygen Reduction Pathway on Carbon-Coated Pt Surface

Choi, Chang Hyuck; Kwon, Han Chang; Yook, Sunwoo; Choi, Minkeeresearcher; Shin, Hyeyoung; Kim, Hyungjun, The 15th Korea-Japan Symposium on Catalysis, KICHE, 2015-05-26

Hydrogen Production Characterisgtics by Water Splitting of Metal Oxide Particles with Synthetic Gas

김상돈researcher, 한국에너지공학회 추계 학술대회, pp.245 - 248, 2005

Hydrogen Production from Chemical Looping Steam Methane Reforming in a Circulating Fluidized bed Reactor

김상돈researcher, Spring Meeting of Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers, pp.273 -, 2009

Hydrogen Production from Water Splitting and Medium Circulation Characteristics in a Fluidized Bed Reactor

김상돈researcher, Spring Meeting of Korea Institute of Chemical Engineers, pp.313 -, 2008

Hydrogen Spillover in Encapsulated Metal Catalysts: New Opportunities for Designing Hydroprocessing Catalyst

최민기researcher, 한국화학공학회 2015년도 학술대회, 한국화학공학회, 2015-04

Hydrogen Spillover in Encapsulated Metal Catalysts: Understanding and New Opportunities

Choi, Minkeeresearcher, The 15th Korea - Japan Symposium on Catalysis , pp.1048 - 1057, KICHE, 2015-05-27

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