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Dual Catalytic Activity of Sonicated Glucose Oxidase Incorporated Copper Nanoflowers and its Application in Glucose Detection

Bhagwan Sahebrao, Batule; Gautam, Shreedhar; Park, Hyun Gyuresearcher, AFOB Regional Symposium 2016, Asian Federation of Biotechnology, 2016-01-28

Dual Hollow Fiber Bioreactor for Aerobic whole Cell Immobilization

Chang, Ho Namresearcher; Chung, Bong Hyun; Kim, In Ho, ACS Symposium Series, pp.0 - 0, American Chemical Society, 1986-07-11

Dual Hollow Fiber Membrane Bioreactor for One Step Immobilization of Whole Cell Enzyme with Simultaneous Cell Proliferation.

Chang, Ho Namresearcher, Proceedings 4th European Congress on Biotechnology 198, The Netherlands., pp.64 - 67, 1987


Chang, Ho Namresearcher; Chung Bong Hyun; Kim In Ho, Separation, Recovery, and Purification in Biotechnology: Recent Advances and Mathematical Modeling. Developed from a Symposium at the 190th Meeting of the American Chemical Society., pp.32 - 42

Dual Length-Scale Nanotip Arrays with Controllable Morphological Features for Highly Sensitive SERS Applications

전환철; 박성규; 조수정; 양승만researcher, 한국화학공학회 추계학술발표회, 한국화학공학회, 2012-10

Dual-Function Compatibilizers for Enhancing Both Performance and Long-term Stabilites of Organic Solar Cells

김건우; 이영웅; 마부수; 김진석; 박진수; 이승진; 송명; et al, 2020 한국공업화학회 추계총회 및 학술대회, 한국공업화학회, 2020-10-29

Dual-Functional Cacer-Targeted Delivery Carriers based on Poly(amion acid) derivatives

이현진; 김종득researcher; 장광석; 양희만, 2007 International Conference of the Korean Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, Korean Society of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology, 2007-11-22

Dual-Functional cancer-targeted delivery carriers based on poly(amino acid) derivatives

Lee, HJ; Kim, Jong Dukresearcher; Jang, KS; Yang, HM, 81st Colloid surface science symposium, ACS (American Chemical Society), 2007-06-24

Dual-functional targeted delivery system based on folate-conjugated poly(amino acid) derivatives

이현진; 김종득researcher; 양승림, 2006년 춘계약제학회, 한국약제학회, 2006-04-20

Durability Enhancement of Octahedral PtNi Electrocatalysts for the Oxygen reduction Reaction

Choi, Min Suk; Lee, Hyunjooresearcher, The 30th International Symposium on Chemical Engineering, 한국화학공학회, 2017-12-02

Durability enhancement of Octahedral PtNi Nanoparticles for the Oxygen reduction Reaction by Halide treatment

Choi, Juhyuk; Lee, Hyunjoo, The 14th International Nanotech Symposium & Nano-Convergence Expo in Korea, Ministry of Science, ICT & Future Planning and Ministry of Trade, Industry & Energy, 2016-07-13

Durability enhancement of Pt electrocatalyst for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell by selective adsorption of thiol derivatives

이동욱; 육성민; 최선규; 이동현; 두기수; 현종현; 김희탁researcher, 2018 한국전기화학회 추계총회 및 학술대회, 한국전기화학회, 2018-11-02

Durability enhancement of PtNi(111) nanoparticles for the oxygen reduction reaction by halide treatment

Choi, Juhyuk; Lee, Hyunjooresearcher, The16th International Congress on Catalysis, The International Association of the Catalysis Societies, 2016-07-05

Dynamic Analysis and Control of Post-combustion CO2 capture process

Jung, Howoun; Lee, Jay Hyungresearcher, 2018 KIChE Fall Meeting, KIChE, 2018-10-26

Dynamic analysis and Model predictive control for Operational flexibility of Post-combustion CO2 capture process

Jung, Howoun; Lee, Jay Hyungresearcher, 2019 The 19th International Conference on Control, Automation and Systems (ICCAS 2019), ICROS, 2019-10-17

Dynamic Analysis of Fluidized Bed Behaviour in A Coal-Slurry Fluidized Bed

Kim, Sang Doneresearcher, Fluidized Bed and Three-Phase Reactors, pp.260 - 270, 1992

Dynamic Behavior and Formation of Stable lipid Monolayer-coated Air-filled Microbubbles

Cho, SH; Kim, Jong Dukresearcher; Kim, JY, 11th International conference on Organized Molecular Films (LB11), Organized Molecular Films, 2005-06-26

Dynamic Behavior and Fractional Analysis of Dilute Rigid Polymers Using Packed Hydrodynamic Chromatography

Chun, MS; Park, OOkresearcher, APCChE 5th Congress, APCChE, 1990

Dynamic behavior study of post-combustion carbon capture system

Im, Dasom; Lee, Jay Hyung, Korea CCS, KCRC, 2016-01-28

Dynamic Change of Pronounced Structural Colors through Mechanical Deformation for Active Camouflage

이건호; 한상훈; 김종빈; 김종현; 이정민; 김신현researcher, 2019 춘계 고분자학회, 한국고분자학회, 2019-04-11

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