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K2S2O8를 이용한 PEDOT/PSSA 복합체의 합성 및 유변학적, 전기적 성질에 관한 연구

정인재, 춘계 한국화학공학회, 1999

KCl-LiCl 을 첨가한 솔-젤법에 의한 실리카/티타니아 혼합산화물의 제조 및 광촉매 활성

김현석; 정경렬; 박승빈researcher, 화학공학회 추계학술대회 (Theories and Application of Chemical Engineering, V. 6, No. 2), pp.4313 - 4316, 화학공학회, 2000

KDAX-Microsoft Windows를 이용한 네트워크 중심, 데이터 획득, 원거리 모니터링, 및 제어를 위한 소프트웨어와 하드웨어 시스템의 개발

이희만; 김석준; 이승권; 성웅기; 이정석; 복진광; 박선원researcher, KIChE Meeting, KIChE, 1995

KDAX의 개발과 적용(I) - 향상된 사용자 환경과 안정적인 정보전달 및 실제 공정에의 적용 연구

박선원researcher, KIChE Meeting, KIChE, 1996-01-01

[Keynote Forum] Practical process for the chemical recycling of PET

Kim, Do Hyunresearcher, International Conference on Industrial Chemistry, Conference Series LLC, 2016-06-27

[Keynote Lecture] Novel temperature control in a microfluidic system

Kim, Do Hyunresearcher, 한국화학공학회 2016년도 가을 총회 및 학술대회, 한국화학공학회, 2016-10-21

[Keynote Lecture] 테일러 쿠에트 흐름의 혼합 및 체류시간 특성

김도현researcher, 한국화학공학회 2015년도 가을 총회 및 학술대회, 한국화학공학회, 2015-10-23

[KeyNote] Vapor-phase deposition of functional polymer films and their device applications

Im, Sung Gapresearcher, APCChE 2019, APCChE, 2019-09

Kinetic and equilibrium study of succinic acid extraction with tri-n-octylamine under the effect of pH and salts

Hong, Won-Hiresearcher; Lee, EZ; Jun, YS; Huh, YS; Lee, WH; Hong, YK, 한국화학공학회 추계학술발표회, pp.99 - 99, 한국화학공학회, 2005-10

Kinetic Model Based Fed-batch Fermemtation of Lactobacilus rhamnosus for High Concentration of Lactic Acid Production from Date Juice

Lee, Sang Yupresearcher; Choi min sung; Kim jin nyun, Annual spring meeting of KIChE 2012, KIChE, 2012-04-25

Kinetic Model Development for Succinic Acid Production by Mannheimia succiniciprodiucens

Song, H.H.; 장승훈; 박종민; Choi, S.; Lee, SangYupresearcher, Annual Meeting of Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering Symposium, Annual Meeting of Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering Symposium, 2007-04-27

Kinetic Modeling of a Recombinant Yeast in Galactose Medium

Na, JG; Chang, YongKeunresearcher, The 9th Symposium on Chemical Engineering Taejeon/Chungnam-Kyushu, 1996-10

Kinetic modeling of Autothermal frost growth and its effects on a LNG ambient air vaporizer

정소현; 김대욱; 이재형researcher, 2017 한국 화학공학회 춘계 학술대회, 한국화학공학회, 2017-04-28

Kinetic Modeling of Biobutanol Fermentation using Glucose and Xylose

변하은; 김보은; 이재형researcher, KIChE, 한국화학공학회, 2016-10

Kinetic modeling of Diesel autothermal reforming in tubular micro-reactor

Jang, Hong; Choi, Suhang; Kim, Dae Wook; Lee, Jay Hyung; Bae, Minseok; 김동연; Bae, Joongmyeon, KIChE, 한국화학공학회, 2016-04

Kinetic Modeling of Perchloroethylene Coal Desulfurization Process

Lee, Tai-Yongresearcher, Eleventh Annual International Pittsburg Coal Conference, 1994

Kinetic Modelling of Olefin Polymerization over Modified Ziegler-Natta Catalyst

Kim, JH; Kim, I.; Woo, Seong-Ihlresearcher, 한국화학공학회 춘계학술발표회, 한국화학공학회, 1988-04

Kinetic resolution of beta-lactams by cell surface displayed Lipase

Lee, S.H; Choi, J.H; Lee, SangYupresearcher, Annual spring meeting of KIChE, Annual spring meeting of KIChE, 2003-04

Kinetic resolution of epoxide by cell surface displayed biocatalysts

Lee, S.H.; Choi, H.S.; Lee, SangYupresearcher, Metabolic Engineering V: Genome to Product, Metabolic Engineering V: Genome to Product, 2004-09

Kinetic resolution of epoxides by metabolically engineered Escherichia coli

Lee, S.-H.; Lee, SangYupresearcher, Annual meeting of Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering Symposium, Annual meeting of Korean Society for Biotechnology and Bioengineering Symposium, 2003-10

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