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Overthere : A Simple and Intuitive Object Registration Method for an Absolute Mid-air Pointing Interface

Seo, Hyunggoog; Kim, Jaedong; Kwanggyoon Seo; Kim, Bumki; Noh, Junyongresearcher, Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies, v.5, no.3, pp.1 - 24, 2021-09

Augmented proximity: Integration of physical and virtual proximity to enhance network connectivity

Chang, Mi; Lee, Ji-Hyunresearcher, PLOS ONE, v.16, no.11, pp.e0260349, 2021-11

Deep Learning-Based Unsupervised Human Facial Retargeting

Kim, Seonghyeon; Jung, Sunjin; Seo, Kwanggyoon; i Ribera, Roger Blanco; Noh, Junyongresearcher, COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM, v.40, no.7, pp.45 - 55, 2021-10

A-UDT: Augmented Urban Digital Twin for Visualization of Virtual and Real IoT Data

Ssin, Seungyoub; Cho, Hochul; Woo, Woontackresearcher, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, pp.221 - 236, 2021-03

Science Tour and Business Model Using Digital Twin-Based Augmented Reality

Ssin, Seungyoub; Suh, Minjeong; Lee, Jongwook; Jung, Timothy; Woo, Woontackresearcher, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality, pp.267 - 276, 2021-03

Player-Character Relationship and Game Satisfaction in Narrative Game: Focus on Player Experience of Character Switch in The Last of Us Part II

Erb, Valerie; Lee, Seyeon; Doh, Young Yimresearcher, FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY, v.12, 2021-09

Stars inside have reached outside: The effects of electronic dance music DJs’ social standing and musical identity on track success

Wi, Hyeongseok; Lee, Wonjaeresearcher, PLOS ONE, v.16, no.8, pp.e0254618, 2021-08

Diverse Motion Stylization for Multiple Style Domains via Spatial-Temporal Graph-Based Generative Model

Park, Soomin; Jang, Deok-Kyeong; Lee, Sung-Heeresearcher, PROCEEDINGS OF THE ACM ON COMPUTER GRAPHICS AND INTERACTIVE TECHNIQUES, v.4, no.3, 2021-09

MultiSoft: Soft Sensor Enabling Real-Time Multimodal Sensing with Contact Localization and Deformation Classification

Yoon, Sang Horesearcher; Paredes, Luis; Huo, Ke; Ramani, Karthik, Proceedings of the ACM on Interactive, Mobile, Wearable and Ubiquitous Technologies, v.2, no.3, pp.1 - 21, 2018-09

Estimating Garment Patterns from Static Scan Data

Bang, Seungbae; Korosteleva, Maria; Lee, Sung-Heeresearcher, COMPUTER GRAPHICS FORUM, v.40, no.6, pp.273 - 287, 2021-09

Wearable textile input device with multimodal sensing for eyes-free mobile interaction during daily activities

Yoon, Sang Horesearcher; Huo, Ke; Ramani, Karthik, PERVASIVE AND MOBILE COMPUTING, v.33, pp.17 - 31, 2016-12

Toward productivity in future construction: mapping knowledge and finding insights for achieving successful offsite construction projects

Jang, Junyoung; Ahn, Seungjun; Cha, Seung Hyunresearcher; Cho, Kyeongwoon; Koo, Choongwan; Kim, Tae Wan, JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL DESIGN AND ENGINEERING, v.8, no.1, pp.1 - 14, 2021-02

빌딩 시뮬레이션을 위한 재실자의 공간사용 예측 연구 동향

차승현researcher; 김태완, 한국건설관리학회지, v.6, no.5, pp.52 - 54, 2014-10

Activity Based Working 기반 사무 공간의 적용을 위한 재실자 행동 측정 연구 동향

백승효; 차승현researcher, 한국건설관리학회지, v.18, no.6, pp.52 - 54, 2017-12

What Matters for Students' Use of Physical Library Space?

Cha, Seung Hyunresearcher; Kim, Tae Wan, JOURNAL OF ACADEMIC LIBRARIANSHIP, v.41, no.3, pp.274 - 279, 2015-05

Modelling building users' space preferences for group work: a discrete-choice experiment

Cha, Seung Hyunresearcher; Steemers, Koen; Kim, Tae Wan, ARCHITECTURAL SCIENCE REVIEW, v.60, no.6, pp.460 - 471, 2017

Case-based reasoning approach to estimating the strength of sustainable concrete

Koo, Choongwan; Jin, Ruoyu; Li, Bo; Cha, Seung Hyunresearcher; Wanatowski, Dariusz, COMPUTERS AND CONCRETE, v.20, no.6, pp.645 - 654, 2017-12

The effects of indoor plants and artificial windows in an underground environment

Kim, Jeonghwan; Cha, Seung Hyunresearcher; Koo, Choongwan; Tang, Shiu-keung, BUILDING AND ENVIRONMENT, v.138, pp.53 - 62, 2018-06

Modeling space preferences for accurate occupancy prediction during the design phase

Cha, Seung Hyunresearcher; Steemers, Koen; Kim, Tae Wan, AUTOMATION IN CONSTRUCTION, v.93, pp.135 - 147, 2018-09

An integrated model for estimating the techno-economic performance of the distributed solar generation system on building facades: Focused on energy demand and supply

Oh, Jeongyoon; Koo, Choongwan; Hong, Taehoon; Cha, Seung Hyunresearcher, APPLIED ENERGY, v.228, pp.1071 - 1090, 2018-10

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