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Environment Costs and Firm Performance around the World

H. Jo; H. Kim; B. Lee; Park, Kwangwooresearcher, 2013 한국재무학회 추계학술대회, 한국재무학회, 2013-11-22

Improving the predictability of stock market returns with the growth of options open interest

Byun, Suk Joonresearcher; Kim, Jun Sik, 2013 FMA Annual Meeting, Financial Management Association, 2013-10-17

Does Equity-Based Compensation of Audit Committee Deter or Trigger Earnings Managment? New Evidence

Kim, Hyungtae; Kwak, Byungjinresearcher; Suk, Inho, American Accounting Association Annual Meeting, American Accounting Association, 2013-08-06

Environment Cost and Firm Performance around the World

H. Jo; H. Kim; B. Lee; Park, Kwangwooresearcher, MFS Conference 20th Annual Conference, MFS, 2013-07-02

Environment Costs and Firm Performance in the Financial Services Industry

H. Jo; H. Kim; Park, Kwangwooresearcher, 2013년 재무금융 관련 5개 학회 학술연구발표회 및 특별심포지엄, 한구재무학회, 2013-05-31

Another perspective on the cross-sectional tests of asset pricing models

Kim, Jinyongresearcher; Jaewon Choi, NYU Economics Alumni Conference, NYU, 2013-05-31

Information Diffusion with Content Crossover in Online Social Media: An Empirical analysis of the Social Transmission Process in Twitter

Kwon, Joseph; Han, Ingooresearcher, HICSS (Hawaii International Conference on System Science), pp.3292 - 3301, University of Hawaii and IEEE Computer Society, 2013-01-09

통신서비스 시장에서 데이터마이닝을 이용한 이탈고객 분석

김영만; 한인구researcher, 제1회 한국통신학회 통신마케팅 학술대회, 한국통신학회, 2011-08-04

Differing Effects of Firm Size and Industry Membership on Firm Profitability

Lee, Jaywonresearcher, 33rd European Accounting AssociationAnnual Congress , pp.1 - 56, European Accounting Association, 2010-05

The Effect of Changes in Index Constitution : Evidence from the Korean Stock Market

윤주영; 김동석researcher, 경영관련학회 통합학술대회, 2010

Finance Comittee and Cost of Capital

Lee, Jaywonresearcher, 2010 American Accounting AssociationAnnual Meeting, pp.1 - 45, American Accounting Association, 2010

The Impact of Sarbanes-Oxley on the Accounting Quality of Firms Cross-listed in the U.S. versus the U.K.

Lee, Jaywonresearcher, American Accounting Association 2009 Annual Meeting, pp.1 - 61, American Accounting Association, 2009-08

Does Spurious Mean Reversion in Basis Changes Still Exist After the Introduction of Exchange Traded Funds

Webb, Robert Iresearcher, City University of Hong Kong Finance Seminar, 2009

The Financial Crisis, Volatile Commodity Prices and Derivatives Regulation

Webb, Robert Iresearcher, Annual Seoul International Derivative Securities Conference, 2009

Publishing in Finance Journals: An Editor’s Perspective

Webb, Robert Iresearcher, 2009 China Finance Review International Conference, 2009

Lessons from the Financial Crisis

Webb, Robert Iresearcher, 2009 China Finance Review International Conference(Keynote Address), 2009

The Impact of the US Credit Crisis and the Restructuring in the Investment Banking Industry on the Korean Financial Markets

Park, Kwangwooresearcher, The 9th Harry S Truman Conference: Issues and Prospects for U.S. - Korea Relations and Cooperation, pp.1 - 47, 2009

Trading behavior before the public release of analyst reports

Jung, Kooyulresearcher, International Conference Asian Finance Association , Asian Finance Association, 2009

취약계층 일자리 정책의 현실과 발전 방향: 사회적 기업을 중심으로

이재원researcher, 사회정책학회 추계학술학회, pp.1 - 22, 사회정책학회, 2009

Contagion effects in the CDS markets

Hwang, Keunho; Kang, Jangkooresearcher, 2008년 한국 파생상품학회 추계 학술연구 발표회, Korea Derivatives Association, 2008-11-28

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