A semantic-tagging-based method for supporting effective reuse of artifacts across multiple projects = 프로젝트 간의 효과적인 산출물 재사용을 위한 시맨틱 태깅 방법

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It has well been recognized that the reuse of various software artifacts contributes to increase the productivity and quality of software development. However, the software-artifact reuse requires developers to put a lot of efforts in making software artifacts reusable and finding appropriate software artifacts for a software development. In general, it is a complex task to reuse software artifacts that are represented in different representation schemes and in different levels of abstraction. To overcome this problem, and to support effective reuse of software artifacts, the following requirements have been identified as essential requirements to meet: common tool support, common vocabulary support, a collaborative environment for making artifacts reusable, requirements-based artifacts management and semantically-based artifact search. This thesis proposes a semantic tagging approach that enables developers to easily associate and find relevant artifacts based on high-level requirements. To semantically represent tag information in terms of high-level requirements, an ontology-based tag representation model is developed. A semantic tagging-based reuse process is defined to provide a systematic way to make software artifact reusable and to actually find and reuse relevant artifacts. This thesis also proposes an artifact search mechanism that allows developers to find and trace relevant software artifacts as a package. A prototype of the semantic-tagging method has been implemented and applied to a software development in the defense domain. To evaluate the effectiveness of the semantic tagging method, an artifact-reuse scenario is developed and tested with the prototype. In addition, existing approaches of artifact reuse are analyzed and compared based on the requirements identified. By using this approach, developers can make useful software artifacts reusable across project boundaries without affecting the existing software artifacts.
Ko, In-Youngresearcher고인영researcher
한국정보통신대학교 : 공학부,
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393033/225023 / 020064596

학위논문(석사) - 한국정보통신대학교 : 공학부, 2008.8, [ vii, 63 p. ]


프로젝트 간의 재사용; 협업; 온톨로지; 산출물 재사용; reuse across projects; collaboration; ontology; artifact reuse; Semantic tagging; 시맨틱 태깅

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