A study on simultaneous burst and burst control packet transmission MAC protocol for high throughput and low latency optical burst switching ring networks광 버스트 스위칭 링 망에서의 MAC 프로토콜에 대한 연구

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This dissertation proposes (1 space) a bandwidth-efficient, collision-free, distributed, low-latency, and resilient Media Access Control protocol for Optical Burst Switching ring networks as an alternative for Metro Area Networks, such as SONET/SDH. The proposed Media Access Control protocol provides efficient void-filling, a burst-collision resolution, and a fast-restoration. Most of the previous optical burst switching ring networks are multi-token ring networks in order to resolve burst collisions, but they require a relatively large burst size so as to increase end-to-end packet delay. The proposed protocol overcomes the drawback of optical burst switching token protocols, which are the most throughput-efficient among the previous optical burst switching ring networks. The proposed protocol transmits a burst and a burst control packet at the same time so that it can efficiently utilize a void, which is an unused time between two consecutive bursts. However, the transmitted burst may be lost in the intermediate node, if there is no offset time. To insert an offset time between a burst control packet and a burst, the burst is optically delayed using a fiber delay line at the output end. Output fiber delay lines also delay passing bursts, thus increasing the offset time between passing burst control packets and corresponding passing bursts. In the proposed protocol, the increased offset time is adjusted back to the original offset time by electrically delaying the passing burst control packet for the amount of increased time. We also propose an offset time condition for a transmitter burst collision and a free time list of passing bursts for a receiver burst collision. In the end, the proposed protocol satisfies the requirements of high throughput and low end-to-end packet delay by providing efficient burst collision resolutions, efficient void-filling, and a distributed access control for burst transmissions. The proposed protocol can save 50% of data ...
Lee, Man-Seopresearcher이만섭researcher
한국정보통신대학교 : 공학부,
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392973/225023 / 020005366

학위논문(박사) - 한국정보통신대학교 : 공학부, 2008.2, [ xiii, 113 p. ]


Burst Scheduling Algorithm; MAC protocol; Metro Ring Networks; Optical Burst Switching; Dynamic Restoration; 동적 복원; 버스트 스케쥴링 알고리즘; MAC 프로토콜; 메트로 링 망; 광 버스트 스위칭

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