Three essays of behavioral studies : understanding customers and employees = 조직 내 시민행위 결정요인에 관한 연구understanding customers and employees

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Customer and employees are two most critical categories of individuals to most organizations. Customers are the ones that purchase the goods and services that the organizations produce. Employees are the ones who produce and sell the goods/services, and serve the customers. They participate in a series of procedures necessary to fulfill the demand of customers. Customers create the demand and organizations grow by fulfilling the demand. Organizations fail to meet the demand of customers without the help of employees. And when organizations fail to meet the demand of customers, they fail to survive. Successful operation of organization depends not only on understanding the customers, but also on understanding employees. In this regards, this study deals with the issues related to the attitude and behaviors of both customers and employees. This dissertation is comprised of three essays. First two essays are related to understanding the demand of customers and their behaviors. The last essay is related to the behavior of employees. Exploring the dynamic process of decision-making of two most important individual groups (eg., customers and employees) to organizations, we expect to deliver meaningful implications to researchers as well as to corporate managers. The first essay examines the human motivations underlying individual behavioral intention to use M-Internet in Korea. With the rapid increase of the Internet usage, the growing penetration of wireless devices, wireless technology shifts the world of wired Internet to the wireless mobile Internet (M-Internet). M-Internet is expected to deliver great business opportunities to market participants. The key factor of the success is dependent on understanding the concerns of customers and identifying the determinants that leads to individuals`` behavioral intention to adopt M-Internet. Adopting TAM (Technology Acceptance Model) as the base model, we developed more comprehensive version of TAM to better r...
Park, Myeong-Cheolresearcher박명철researcher
한국정보통신대학교 :
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392722/225023 / 020025908

학위논문(박사) - 한국정보통신대학교 : 2006.8, [ xv, 154 p. ]


Mobile Internet; TAM; Organization; Virtual Community

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