Qos Guaranteed access control scheme in CDMA cellular systems = CDMA 셀룰러 이동통신 시스템에서의 QoS를 보장하는 무선자원 관리에 관한 연구

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The introduction of cellular telephone service was followed by a rapid increase in demand for cellular service and is now leading to a shortage of bandwidth in many regions of the country. Further more, the mobile radio systems are being expected to provide multiple services with different characteristics such as handoff and new calls, voice and packet data calls. These have generated some technical challenges to be over come, among them the call control of a variety of call types have been becoming critical procedures for the spectrum-efficient design and operation in mobile radio networks. Furthermore, increasing demand for wireless Internet services makes it necessary that the service providers is to design a new system and network as efficient as possible. 1xEV technology provides a cost effective and high performance and solution for typical users and system providers. It offers high-speed packet data to mobile users, which overlays with CDMA networks and is optimized for packet data networks. First, we considers a call control policy at a cell, which gives priority to handoff calls over new calls while meeting the overall call quality for a CDMA system with a single carrier. New calls are first under the access control of the threshold type, and then receive services together with the handoffed calls but under the outage restriction guaranteeing a prespecified call quality. An optimization model with such quality-guaranteeing constraints is formulated, which is to determine the threshold value for each cell, minimizing the new call blocking probability. A solution heuristic is proposed, with which a number of test runs are conducted under two different traffic environments. The results reveal the usefulness of our control scheme in that handoff calls are given an appropriate level of priority over new calls while the system capacity is effectively utilized. Next, delay-sensitive scheduling algorithm for packet data calls over 1x EV-DO downlink is propos...
Tcha, Dong-Wanresearcher차동완researcher
한국과학기술원 : 경영공학전공,
Issue Date
181193/325007 / 000945002

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 경영공학전공, 2003.2, [ vi, 69 p. ]


Integer Programing; Queuing; Optimization; CDMA; packet data; 정보통신; 데이터통신; 무선자원관리; 최적화이론; 이동통신

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