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Economics of CRM

Kim, Eunjin; Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, Pacific-Asia Conference on Information Systems, Association for Information Systems, 2003-07

XRML 기반의 인터넷 쇼핑몰 약관 감사체계

양성병; 이재규researcher, 한국경영정보학회 춘계학술대회, pp.1085 - 1094, 한국경영정보학회, 2003-06

웹 서비스 개념을 적용한 확장형 규칙 표식언어(XRML)

손미애; 이재규researcher, 한국경영정보학회 춘계학술대회, pp.1069 - 1076, 한국경영정보학회, 2003-06

정보 서비스 품질이 고객 로열티에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구: 고객관계관리 관점

김승하; 김영걸researcher, 한국경영정보학회 학술대회, pp.635 - 642, 한국경영정보학회, 2003-06

The BSC Weighting Decision Support System based on Corporate Life Cycle and Environmental Forces

Sohn, Myung Ho; You, Taewoo; Lee, Seok-Lyong; Lee, Heeseokresearcher, 한국경영정보학회 2003년 춘계학술대회, pp.793 - 800, The Korea Society of Management Information Systems, 2003-06

Developing Collaborative Commerce System Based on Roles and Components

Park, Hwagyoo; Suh, Woojong; 이희석researcher, Proceedings of KMIS, pp.668 - 674, The Korea Society of Management Information Systems, 2003-06

웹사이트 유형별 성공 요인 비교 분석

임미희; 최수영; 이희석researcher, 한국지능정보시스템학회 학술대회, pp.349 - 359, 한국지능정보시스템학회, 2003-05

Semantic Web with XRML

Lee, Jae Kyuresearcher, Korea Inteligent Information System Society Conference, no.1, pp.101 - 140, Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society, 2003-05

ASP 기반 정보시스템 성공 모형에 대한 실증연구

박정현; 김정군; 김종욱; 이희석researcher, 한국지능정보시스템학회 2003 춘계학술대회, pp.366 - 376, 한국지능정보시스템학회, 2003-05

Mesh 구조의 WDM 통신망에서의 수요집적 및 광파장 경로 설정 문제

이순호; 윤문길; 차동완researcher, 한국경영과학회 춘계학술대회, pp.434 - 441, 한국경영과학회, 2003-03

기업 전략에 따른 균형성과표 성과지표 비교분석

손, 명호; 김, 재구; 유, 태우; 임, 호순; 이, 희석, 경영정보학연구, Vol.13, No.1, pp.1-22, 2003-03

Financial model-base construction for flexible model manipulation of models and solvers

Lee, Keun-Woo; Huh, Soon-Youngresearcher, HICSS (Hawaii Int'l Conf on Sys. Sci), IEEE, 2003-01

Exploring a causal model for the understanding of partnership

Lee, Jae-Nam; Kim, Young-Gulresearcher, Proceedings of the 36th Annual Hawaii International Conference on, IEEE, 2003-01

An Economic Analysis of KMS

Lee, Byungtaeresearcher, The Asian e-Business Workshop, 2003

This Galactic War Has Been Brought to You by These Fine Sponsors: Cognitive Message Processing in an Interactive Video Game Environment

Park, Byunghoresearcher, ICA 2003, International Communication Association, 2003

PC-Bang: A New Internet-Based Business Model that Brought Such a Big-Bang to the Korean Market and People

Park, Byunghoresearcher, Asian Studies on the Pacific Coast, 2003

An Empirical Examination of the Secondary Task Reaction Times: Testing What They Really Measure

Park, Byunghoresearcher, ICA 2003, International Communication Association, 2003

A methodology for Internet Customer segmentation using Decision Trees

Cho, Yeong Bin; Kim, Soung Hieresearcher, 지능정보시스템 학회(KIIS 2003 springs), pp.206 - 213, Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society, 2003

A dynamic procedure for defection detection and prevention based on SOM and a Markov chain

Kim, Young-ae; Song, Hee-seok; Kim, Soung Hieresearcher, International Conference of KIISS, pp.141 - 148, Korea Intelligent Information Systems Society, 2003

전자정부의 의의와 추진실적 및 향후 과제

황보, 열; HwangBo, Yeoul, 한국기록관리학회지, Vol.3, No.1, pp.141-158, 2003

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