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E-learning motivation, students' acceptance/use of educational portal in developing countries: A case study of Peru

Maldonado U.P.T.; Khan G.F.; Moon J.; Rho, Jae Jeungresearcher, 4th International Conference on Computer Sciences and Convergence Information Technology 2009, pp.1431 - 1441, 2009-11-24

e-Learning 환경에서 다차원 상호작용과 지속적 이용에 관한 연구

이환수; 임동원; 김종범; 설세영; 조항정researcher, 2012년도 한국통신학회 하계종합학술대회, 한국통신학회, 2012-06-20

e-mail 마켓팅에서 고객충성도의 영향요인에 관한 연구

김득중; 최문기; 이홍규researcher, 한국경영정보학회, pp.0 - 0, 한국경영정보학회, 2002-11-14

East Asians’ social heterogeneity: Differences in norms among Chinese, Japanese, and Korean negotiators

Lee, Sujinresearcher; Brett, Jeanne Brett; Park, Ji Hyearn, Asia Academy of Management 2012 Conference, Asia Academy of Management (AAOM), 2012-12-11

Economic Recession and Polarization

Lee, DukHeeresearcher; Dong Hee Lee, he 9th Asia-Pacific Complex Systems Conference, 2009-11-07

Effect of Reference Quality on Product Innovation

Kim, Wonjoonresearcher; Kim, M, 1st AIEA-NBER Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, AIEA-NBER, 2013-08-19

Effects of Online Investors' Sentiment on the Bitcoin Market

한규호; 조항정researcher, 2019 한국경영정보학회 추계학술대회, 한국경영정보학회, 2019-11-02

Electronic-Circuit Analysis for Marketing Science: An Application to Product Recommendation

Yang, J; Kim, J; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher; Kim, Y, 34th INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, INFORMS, 2012-06-08

Embodying the 3D Pottery System in the VR Environment

Seo, S.; Park, S.; Lee, Hongkyuresearcher; Lee, M., ACEE 2017, 6th Asian Conference on Engineering Education, pp.94 - 99, Dali University, China, 2017-03-11

Emerging Research Trends and Issues in Big Data

ZO, Hangjungresearcher; LEE, Seunghoon; LIM, Dongwon; KIM, Jongbum; LEE, Hwansoo, The 17th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS) 2013, KMIS, 2013-06-19

Emotional Content Mining from Online Reviews and its Impact on Box Office Revenue

Ullah, Rahat; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher, 37th ISMS Marketing Science Conference, ISMS, 2015-06-18

Entrepreneurship, firm dynamics, and triple helix

Kim, Younghwan; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher; Yang, Taeyongresearcher, The 3rd SMU EDGE Conference, Singapore Management University, 2008-07-10

Entrepreneurship, Firm Dynamics, and Triple Helix

Kim, Y; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher; Yang, Taeyongresearcher, 2009 International Council for Small Business: The dynamism of Small Business: Theory, Practice, and Policy, International Council for Small Business, 2009-06-22

Entrepreneurship, knowledge spillovers and technology convergence: An empirical analysis

LIM, SANGMIN; Oh Sung, Kwon; Lee, Duk-Heeresearcher, International Entrepreneurship Forum (IEF), International Network of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (INSME), 2016-12-15

Establishing major successful factors of new technology-based firm from the perspective of Dynamic Firm Capability (DFC) - The case of IDIS and KODICOM

Choi W.K.; Choung, JaeYongresearcher, Proceedings - 2004 IEEE International Engineering Management Conference: Innovation and Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Development, IEMC 2004, v.1, pp.348 - 352, IEEE, 2004-10-18

Establishing major successful factors of NTBF

Choung, JaeYongresearcher, IEEE International Engineering Conference, IEEE, 2004-07-01

Estimating the energy and environmental effects of fuel economy improvement in Korean transportation sector

Hong, Sung Jun; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Park, Sang Yong; Choi, Dong-Gu; Park. Nyun-Bae, 2013 3rd Asia-Pacific Forum on Renewable Energy, 한국신재생에너지학회, 2013-11-06

Estimating the Potential Increase in Consumer Welfare from the Introduction of 'Super Wi-Fi' Service'

Hong, Areum; Nam, Changiresearcher; Kim, Seongcheol, 25th European Regional International Telecommunications Society Conference, International Telecommunications Society, 2014-06-23

Estimation of the network effect in the Korean mobile telecommunications industry

황영순; 민홍기researcher; 최호진researcher; 이덕희; 윤종진, 2005 정보통신정책학회 학술대회(경제학 공동학술대회), pp.0 - 0, 정보통신정책학회, 2005

Evolutionary computation and power control for radio resource management in CDMA cellular radio networks

Song W.J.; Kim W.H.; Kim S.J.; Ahn B.H.; Kim B.G.; Choi, MunKeeresearcher, 13th IEEE International Symposium on Personal, Indoor and Mobile Radio Communications, PIMRC 2002, v.3, pp.1417 - 1421, IEEE, 2002-09-15

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