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Decision Making Structure of Purchasing Mobile Multimedia Service in Korea

Nam, Daekyung; Jeon, Hyori; Choi, MunKeeresearcher, ITS Africa-Asia-Australasia Regional Conference, International Telecommunications Society, 2005-08-28

Defining a cluster market: The case of the Korean Internet service market

Kwon, Young Sunresearcher, 2014 European Regional ITS Conference, International Telecommunications Society(hosted by iMinds and Vrije Universiteit Brussel), 2014-06-23

Demand Forecasting for Multi-Generational Product Combining Discrete Choice and Dynamics of Diffusion under Technological Trajectories

Kim, Wonjoonresearcher; Lee, J; Kim, T, the 23rd International Symposium on Forecasting, the International Institute of Forecasters (IIF), 2002-06-24

Demand Forecasting of FTTH Service Considering Technology Churn in Korea Telecommunication Market

조영돈; 허정윤; 노재정; 최문기researcher, 대한산업공학회 2004 추계학술대회, 대한산업공학회, 2004-11-12

Design and Manufacture of Robotic Exoskeleton Hands Using 3D Printer

Choe, Jonghun; Lee, Hongkyuresearcher; Jo, Seonghyeon; Seo, Sukhyun; Kim, Wonhoe; Park, Seho, AMDP 2014, 7th International Conference on Advanced Materials Development and Performance, AMDP, Korea Maritime and Ocean University (Korea), University of Tokushima (Japan), University of Auckland (New Zealand), Xi'an Jiaotong University(China), 2014-07-17

Determinants of the Successful Usage of a Firm's SNS Page

Seol, Seyoung; Lee, Hwansoo; Yu, Jieun; ZO, Hangjungresearcher, The 16th Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems (PACIS 2012), University of Science, VNU - HCM, 2012-07-14

Development of an Automation Need Index for a Construction Process

Rho, Jae Jeungresearcher, 한국경영과학회 학술대회, 한국경영과학회, 1994

Development of Marketing Strategies for Agro-products through T-Commerce in Korea

Moon, Jung Hoonresearcher, International Conference on Social Science and Humanity, 2011-02-27

Die Arbeitsrechtsreform in Korea im Zuge der Demokratisierung und Globalisierung

Lee, Kark-Bumresearcher, Symposium Calvin Versus Konfuzius, pp.0 - 0, 1998-01

Digital Convergence: Trends and Strategy

이각범researcher, 한국정보사회학회 2006 후기 학술대회, 한국정보사회학회, 2006

Digital Europe의 과제와 시사점

이각범researcher, IPAK 조찬세미나, 한국IT산업협회, 2011-05-11

Digital finance revolution in E. Africa: Retail bank's adaption to a changing marketplace

KALENZI, CORNELIUS; Kwon, Youngsunresearcher, The 22nd Biennial Conference of the International Telecommunications Society, International Telecommunications Society, 2018-08-25

Discipline Mobility of Academic Scientists: Implications for the Knowledge Production Patterns

Kim, Wonjoonresearcher; Oh, C; Kim, E, 1st AIEA-NBER Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship, AIEA-NBER, 2013-08-19

Dividend Policy in Family-controlled Business Group: Evidence from Korea

Han, SeungHunresearcher; Kwon, Yong Hyun, 2014 FMA Annual Meeting, Financial Management Association International, 2014-10-16

Do agents negotiate for the best (or worst) interest of principals?

Lee, Sujinresearcher; Leigh Thompson, Academy of Management Annual Meeting, AOM, 2010-08

Do Customer Refer Deals to Friends?: Effects of Tipping Point and Pricing Strategy on Daily Deals

Kim, N; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher; Lim, J; Yang, J, 34th INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, INFORMS, 2012-06-08

Do Knowledge Flows Trigger Interfirm Cooperation? Evidence from the Enterprise Software Industry

Jung, Hyun Juresearcher, Druid 2018, Copenhagen Business School, 2018-06-12

Do LTE service customers have different customer loyalty determinants?

Jung, Won Suk; Kwon, Young Sunresearcher, 2014 European Regional ITS Conference, International Telecommunications Society, 2014-06-24

Do more AIs imply greater sustainability of economy and society?

Kwon, Youngsunresearcher, The 15th ITS Asia-Pacific Conference (ITS Bangkok 2019), International Telecommunications Society, 2019-10-29

Does Patents Predict Radical Innovation? Focused on Pharmaceuticals

Jun, S; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher, 5th Asia-Pacific Business Research Conference, APBR, 2014-02-17

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