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National systems of innovation: Institutional linkages and performances in the case of Korea and Taiwan

Choung, JaeYongresearcher; Hwang, Hye Ran, SCIENTOMETRICS, v.48, no.3, pp.413 - 426, 2000

Negotiating Repairedness: How Artifacts under Repair Become Contingently Stabilized

Jung, J.Y.; Steinberger, Thomasresearcher; King, J.L.; Ackerman, M.S., Proceedings of the ACM on Human-Computer Interaction, v.5, no.CSCW2, 2021

Network Neutrality Debate: an End User’s Perspective

남찬기researcher; 이홍규researcher; 김성철; 김태희, 정보통신정책연구, v.18, no.1, pp.1 - 15, 2011-03

Network of the core: mapping and visualizing the core of scientific domains

Khan, GF; Moon, Jresearcher; Moon, Jung Hoonresearcher, SCIENTOMETRICS, v.89, no.3, pp.759 - 779, 2011-08

Network Topology and Systemically Important Firms in the Interfirm Credit Network

Kwon, Oh Sung; Yun, Sung-guan; Han, Seung Hunresearcher; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Lee, Duk-Heeresearcher, COMPUTATIONAL ECONOMICS, v.51, no.4, pp.847 - 864, 2018-04

Observing Cascade Behavior Depending on the Network Topology and Transaction Costs

Kim, Joohyun; Kwon, Ohsung; Lee, Duk-Heeresearcher, COMPUTATIONAL ECONOMICS, v.53, no.1, pp.207 - 225, 2019-01

On the time lag of the effect of network position on service performance in software service networks

Kim, Kibae; Altmann, Jorn; Kim, Wonjoonresearcher, INFORMATION MANAGEMENT, v.56, no.7, 2019-11

Opinion Formation in the Digital Divide

Lim, Dongwon; Lee, Hwansoo; ZO, Hang-Jungresearcher; Ciganek, Andrew, JASSS-THE JOURNAL OF ARTIFICIAL SOCIETIES AND SOCIAL SIMULATION, v.17, no.1, 2014-01

Optimal Bundle of Multimedia Services in Emerging Mobile Markets

Nam, Changiresearcher; SeongCheol KIM; DeockHee CHO; HyeongJik LEE, COMMUNICATIONS & STRATEGIES, v.0, no.63, pp.33 - 49, 2006-09

Optimal renewable power generation systems for Busan metropolitan city in South Korea

Baek, Seoin; Park, Eunil; Kim, Min-Gil; Kwon, Sang Jib; Kim, Ki Joon; Ohm, Jay Youngresearcher; del Pobil, Angel P., RENEWABLE ENERGY, v.88, pp.517 - 525, 2016-04

Optimized Renewable and Sustainable Electricity Generation Systems for Ulleungdo Island in South Korea

Yoo, Kyeongsik; Park, Eunil; Kim, Heetae; Ohm, Jay Y.researcher; Yang, Taeyongresearcher; Kim, Ki Joon; Chang, Hyun Joon; et al, SUSTAINABILITY, v.6, no.11, pp.7883 - 7893, 2014-11

Outsourcing frontline functions and implications on customer-oriented behaviors: A case of a telecommunications company and its partners in South Korea

Song, ChanHooresearcher; Lee, Sunhee; Lee, EueHunresearcher, JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT & ORGANIZATION, v.19, no.2, pp.210 - 223, 2013-03

Overcoming the Digital Divide in Rural Areas” Focusing on the Mobile Divide

Park, MyeongCheolresearcher; Lee, Jongtae, Agribusiness and Information Management, v.3, no.2, pp.33 - 42, 2011-12

Patent citation network analysis for the domain of organic photovoltaic cells: Country, institution, and technology field

Choe, Ho-Chull; Lee, Duk-Heeresearcher; Seo, Il-Won; Kim, Hee-Dae, RENEWABLE SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS, v.26, pp.492 - 505, 2013-10

Patterns of innovation in Korea and Taiwan

Choung, JaeYongresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ENGINEERING MANAGEMENT, v.45, no.4, pp.357 - 365, 1998-11

Patterns of knowledge production: The case of information and telecommunication sector in Korea

Choung, JaeYongresearcher; Min, Hong Ghiresearcher; Park, MyeongCheolresearcher, SCIENTOMETRICS, v.58, no.1, pp.115 - 128, 2003

Platform design and imitative innovation inside the transition black-box: Korean nuclear power plant APR1400 case

Son, Chan; Choung, JaeYongresearcher, ASIAN JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION, v.22, no.1, pp.67 - 85, 2014-06

Pleasure, Guilt and Regret in Consumption: Revisiting the Vice-Virtue Categorization in Theories of Self-Control

Vosgerau, Joachim; Scopelliti, Irene; Huh, Young Eunresearcher, ADVANCES IN CONSUMER RESEARCH, v.44, pp.164 - 168, 2016-10

Policy Role of Social Media in Developing Public Trust Twitter communication with government leaders

Park, Min Jae; Kang, Dongsuk; Rho, Jae Jeungresearcher; Lee, Duk-Heeresearcher, PUBLIC MANAGEMENT REVIEW, v.18, no.9, pp.1265 - 1288, 2016-09

Post catch-up system transition failure: the case of ICT technology development in Korea

Choung, Jae-Yongresearcher; Hwang, Hye-Ran; Choi, Jun Kyunresearcher, ASIAN JOURNAL OF TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION, v.24, pp.78 - 102, 2016-09


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