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Scenario analysis for estimating the learning rate of photovoltaic power generation based on learning curve theory in South Korea

Hong, Sung Jun; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Woo, Chungwon, ENERGY, v.79, pp.80 - 89, 2015-01

SME's Appropriability Regime for Sustainable Development-the Role of Absorptive Capacity and Inventive Capacity

Seo, Hangyeol; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Woo, Chungwon; Chun, Dong Pil; Jang, Soojeen Sarah, SUSTAINABILITY, v.8, no.7, pp.665, 2016-07

Suppliers' communication capability and external green integration for green and financial performance in Korean construction industry

Woo, Chungwon; Kim, Moon Gyu; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Rho, Jae Jeungresearcher, JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION, v.112, pp.483 - 493, 2016-01

The role of hydrogen energy development in the Korean economy: An input-output analysis

Chun, Dong Phil; Woo, Chungwon; Seo, Hangyeol; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Hong, Sung Jun; Kim, Joung Wook, INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF HYDROGEN ENERGY, v.39, no.15, pp.7627 - 7633, 2014-05

The static and dynamic environmental efficiency of renewable energy: A Malmquist index analysis of OECD countries

Woo, Chungwon; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Chun, Dong Pil; Seo, Hangyeol; Hong, Sung Jun, RENEWABLE & SUSTAINABLE ENERGY REVIEWS, v.47, pp.367 - 376, 2015-07

Value capture mechanism: R&D productivity comparison of SMEs

Seo, Hangyeol; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Chun, Dong Pil; Woo, Chungwon, MANAGEMENT DECISION, v.53, no.2, pp.318 - 337, 2015-03

경쟁 환경에 따른 기업의 연구개발비가 성과에 미치는 영향: 잠재적 경쟁과 산업 내 경쟁 강도를 고려하여

Chun, Dong Pil; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Lee, Inwoo; Seo, Hangyeol; Woo, Chungwon, 2013 한국회계학회 동계학술대회, 한국회계학회, 2013-12-21

원가 관리에 따른 내부 및 외부 R&D 효율성 연구: 국내 상장 제조업을 대상으로

Woo, Chungwon; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Chun, Dong Pil; Seo, Hangyeol, 2014 한국관리회계학회 하계학술대회, 한국관리회계학회, 2014-06

한국 주요 기업의 연구개발 생산성 분석 : 자료포괄분석을 활용하여

Chun, Dong Pil; Chung, Yanghonresearcher; Woo, Chungwon; Seo, Hangyeol, 2014 대한회계학회 춘계학술대회, 대한회계학회, 2014-05-24


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