X3D-based visual verification of SEDRIS and history-based parametric CAD models = SEDRIS 데이터와 이력기반 파라메트릭 CAD 모델의 X3D 가시화 검증

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Over the past decade, a rapid technological advancement has been observed in the field of Modeling & Simulation (M & S). This development is being cultivated across the world by numerous organizations for wide ranging applications in the field of Defense, Entertainment, Industries, etc. Defense M&S applications essentially comprise of modeling & simulation of the Synthetic Environment (SE). SE consists of Environmental models like terrain, bathymetry, etc. and Human-made models like car, building, tank, etc. As far as modeling of SE is concerned, human-made models are commonly modeled using various CAD systems for their intuitive modeling capabilities. SEDRIS (Synthetic Environmental Data Representation & Interchange Specification) is an ISO standard used for representing both the Human-made models and Environmental models using its core components. In order to facilitate the advantage of collaborative design and promote the emerging standard of CAD exchange, we represent the Human-made models as history-based parametric models defined by the Macro-Parametric Approach (MPA). Both SEDRIS and MPA are distinctively advantageous, but at the same time they are young technologies with very limited implementations. This hinders the emergence and development of the two technologies as present tools for visual verification of SEDRIS and history-based parametric CAD models are limited with a limited functionality. This work proposes to use X3D for the Static SE graphical representation which would enable interoperability, re-usability, and standardized representation of the visual results. Above all, it would enable the visual verification of the two technologies which effectively promotes and develops them. This research consists of two parts: First, SEDRIS visualization with X3D, it presents a conceptual assessment of X3D by defining the X3D supported subset of SEDRIS as ‘SEDRIS-Lite’, quantifies it, and a concrete mapping document with limitations is generated. Thi...
Han, Soon-Hungresearcher한순흥researcher
한국과학기술원 : 기계공학전공,
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455108/325007  / 020084177

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 기계공학전공, 2010.08, [ 70 p. ]


파라메트릭; 검증; Modeling & Simulation; SEDRIS; X3D; SEDRIS; Verification; X3D; Macro-Parametric Approach; 모델링&시뮬레이션

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