Computer adoption in secondary schools : towards enhancing quality of education and IT literacy in Bhutan중등학교의 컴퓨터 활용 : 부탄의 교육과 IT 능력의 질 향상에 대하여

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Modern 21st century economy is increasingly driven by technology, and technology is increasingly rendering old system of learning and acquiring knowledge ineffective. The knowledge age required skills are the ability to use technology, manage information, communicate effectively, think critically, work well in teams, and produce new intellectual and creative works that have value. This reflects that there is a need to reform the foundation of human capital which is the most important factor of productivity, and that foundation is the educational system. Global trend shows that countries that have embraced innovative integration of technology continue to perform well in their economic growth and development, such as Korea and Singapore. If the younger generation coming out of our educational system are to participate in sustained development of the nation, and compete in the increasingly globalized world in which creation, sharing and use of new knowledge is the core competence for survival, there is a need to look into possibility of reforming the way we impart knowledge to our tomorrow’s leaders. There is an urgent need to shift from knowledge acquisition mode towards knowledge deepening and knowledge creation approaches as followed by other tiny leading nations. Without placing, and making our school children know how a computer functions, for what purpose, etc. knowledge society will be far from reach to us in more years to come.
Rho, Jae-Jeungresearcher노재정researcher
한국과학기술원 : IT경영학과 학제간 프로그램,
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329335/325007  / 020074373

학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : IT경영학과 학제간 프로그램, 2009. 8., [ v, 34 p. ]


Bhutan; ICT; Quality; Education; IT Literacy; 중등학교; 컴퓨터; 활용; 부탄; IT 능력; Bhutan; ICT; Quality; Education; IT Literacy; 중등학교; 컴퓨터; 활용; 부탄; IT 능력

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