Identification of near field noise sources = 근접장에서의 소음원 규명론

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Identification of noise source has been taken great attention among the noise control engineers not only because of its practical importance but also because of its scientific merit for developing the rational array signal processing method. Useful methods for this practice are intensity method, acoustic holography, and source localization methods etc.. The former two cases, scanning by the probe over the measurement plane is required to resolve noise sources. However, the last one which is well known in array signal processing but limited due to the assumption of planar wave fronts, could give the information of source positions by using far less measurement points (i.e., line microphone array). These observations, in fact motivated the present research; source localization methods which can apply at near field. The methods have been developed theoretically and verified by various simulations and experiments. The followings are the brief summary of this dissertation. Firstly, the estimation of locations and strengths of noise sources by using microphone array which is assumed to be situated in which the sound pressure field can be rather regarded as the superposition of spherical wave fronts, has been studied theoretically as well as experimentally. The effects of the array parameters such as the distance between the adjacent microphones, the aperture size of a microphone array, and its orientation with regard to the location of noise source, on the estimation error have also been studied when one assumes the noise field as the superposition of spherical wavefronts. It this case, the conventional methods such as the beamforming and MUSIC(MUltiple SIgnal Classification) method has been used. For the case of spherical wave fronts, spherical beamforming and spherical MUSIC method which incorporate the spherical wavefronts have been formulated and analyzed. The validity of these methods to identify the location and strength of noise sources has been tested by var...
Kim, Yang-Hannresearcher김양한researcher
한국과학기술원 : 기계공학과,
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68950/325007 / 000865444

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 기계공학과, 1994, [ xxiii, 178 p. ]

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