Cell planning and call admission control in 3G wireless networks = 삼세대 무선망에서의 셀 설계와 호수락 제어

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The efficient investment and operation for the transmission facilities and the frequency band are the core elements in the revitalization of the communication services based on wireless network and in the growth of whole communication industry. This kind of the wireless networks evolve into the step that can provide faster and better the various multimedia services including the video call service from the step that mainly provides the existing voice call service. Furthermore, it evolves into an integrated network which can be efficiently managed while the wireless network of the mutually different frequency band makes good use of each wireless network characteristic, and satisfies the users’ desire to inexpensively use the services anytime and anywhere. The situation where some wireless networks evolve into the integrated networks could possibly induce the unnecessary network investment. Since the integrated networks may be evolved into the state to have nothing to do with the users’ desire, the network design and resource management are more critical in the next generation networks. In this thesis, the themes of the cell planning in third generation networks, and the resource management in fourth generation integrated networks were handled. In Chapter 2, the coverage is specifically classified by the service classes in third generation networks. And the cell planning problem that considers the load balancing between cells was handled. In Chapter 3, the call admission control problem that optimally assigns the resources and guarantees the quality in fourth generation integrated network was handled. In Chapter 2, third generation networks which can altogether provide from the circuit-based voice service to packet-base data services are handled. Though second generation networks mainly provide the voice service, third generation networks are strengthened in order to support the each different data transmission rate, asymmetric uplink and downlink, each diffe...
Lee, Chae-Youngresearcher이채영researcher
한국과학기술원 : 산업및시스템공학과,
Issue Date
327714/325007  / 020025164

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 산업및시스템공학과, 2009. 8., [ vi, 80 p. ]


Cell Planning; 3G Wireless Networks; Call Admission Control; Rate Allocation; Wireless Integrated Network; 셀 설계; 삼세대 무선망; 호수락 제어; 전송률 할당; 통합 무선망; Cell Planning; 3G Wireless Networks; Call Admission Control; Rate Allocation; Wireless Integrated Network; 셀 설계; 삼세대 무선망; 호수락 제어; 전송률 할당; 통합 무선망

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