Fourier/Hankel transform analysis for slitted parallel-plate waveguide, inset dielectric guide, and circular aperture = 슬릿을 갖는 평행평판 도파관, 인셋 유전체 도파관 및 원형구멍 산란의 푸리에/한켈 변환 해석

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The theoretical analysis method of this paper is Fourier transform and Mode matching method which were used to analyze the electromagnetic scattering and radiation by slitted parallel-plate waveguide, inset dielectric guide, and circular aperture. This method gives us a series solution in the closed region and an integral solution in the open region. The dominant contribution of the size of the modal matrix is determined by the number of propagating modes and a few significant evanescent modes which exist within the waveguide sections. In chapter 2 and 3 the scattering and radiation from a slitted waveguide is analyzed. The computed results are reflected, transmitted, radiated powers, and radiation pattern. The incident wave is assumed to be TE or TM mode. The effect of the parameter of slit($N_s$,a,d,T) is analyzed. In chapter 3 the grooves are inserted into the parallel plate waveguide. The grooves area kind of scatterer. The groove effect on the performance of antenna is investigated. By inserting the grooves into the parallel-plate waveguide the performance of slitted leaky wave antenna can be enhanced. The experiment and measurement of it confirmed that the theory accords well with the experiment. The effect of the parameter of groove is studied. In chapter 4 the inset dielectric guide is analyzed. The even and odd modes can be decoupled in this waveguide. The computed dispersion curves show the reasonable agreements with Rozzi``s paper. In chapter 5 and 6 the problem of the circular aperture is analyzed. The Hankel transform and Mode matching method is applied to the circular aperture. The electrostatic problem is investigated in chapter 5. We see that the transmitted potential increases as the radius of aperture gets larger and the thickness of aperture gets thinner. In chapter 6 the electromagnetic problem of coaxial line is analyzed. As the cartesian coordinate we can see that the same form of solution is obtained which is series form in the closed re...
Eom, Hyo-Joonresearcher엄효준researcher
한국과학기술원 : 전기및전자공학과,
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128925/325007 / 000945327

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 전기및전자공학과, 1997.8, [ v, 151 p. ]


Electrostatic; Dielectric; Mode matching; Fourier transform; Scattering; Radiation; Ieaky wave; Coaxial line; 동축선; 정전장; 유전체; 모드정합; 푸리에 변환; 산란; 누설파; 복사

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