Autonomous deployment of wireless sensor networks = 무선 센서 네트워크의 자동 배치에 관한 연구

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Large-scale sensor networks are facing critical challenges in deployment. The deployment problem can be solved by finding the optimal layout subject to various sets of requirements and planning the movement of sensor nodes to construct the optimal layout with minimum energy consumption. However, the previous studies neither guarantee the optimal layout, nor provide the route with minimum energy consumption. Thus, a new approach, $\emph{tree-based approach}$, is proposed with which the optimal layout is guaranteed to be achieved while the energy consumption is minimized. At first, we have mathematically modeled the optimal layout in order to be dynamically realized into a target layout in the process of deployment. The realization of the layout model makes use of global informations about the initial layout of sensor nodes which are collected through a spanning tree. Then, each sensor node is matched to a vertex of the target layout employing divide-and-conquer strategy so that it can determine the destination within the target layout. By determining the destination before moving, the shortest route can be chosen which minimizes the energy consumption of movement. Optimally matching the sensor nodes to the vertices in the target layout in tree-based approach is equivalent to minimum-weight complete matching problem of which efficient distributed method is yet unknown. As heuristics, three matching schemes, namely $\emph{rake tree scheme, balanced rake tree scheme}$ and $\emph{rake-id space scheme}$, are presented that exploit the tree structure of the initial layout in order to minimize the moving distance of sensor nodes. In these matching schemes, each sensor node is matched to a vertex in $\emph{rake tree}$ which can be trivially transformed to the target layout. In our experiments, tree-based approach adopting the proposed matching schemes successfully deploys the sensor networks in the optimal layout, while the previous works do not. It also c...
Yoon, Hyun-Sooresearcher윤현수researcher
한국과학기술원 : 전산학과,
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455442/325007  / 020045077

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 전산학과, 2010.08, [ vii, 73 p. ]


self-organization; rake tree; 무선센서네트워크; 자동배치; 자기조직화; 갈퀴트리; wireless sensor network; autonomous deployment

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