Scalable data stream monitoring framework for large-scale ubiquitous services = 대규모 유비쿼터스 서비스를 위한 확장형 데이터 스트림 모니터링 프레임워크

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In this thesis, we envision the necessity of a scalable data stream monitoring framework to address the unique challenges of emerging large-scale ubiquitous services, proliferating in the near future (e.g., large-scale urban sensor networks, crowd-aware city business). The emerging ubiquitous services will utilize a bunch of massive data streams continuously generated from a real world. Accordingly, they will be situation-aware; the services proactively detect the occurrences of interested events and trigger proper actions automatically. For this purpose, they commonly rely on real-time monitoring on voluminous data streams. Often, such services are remarkably large-scale, spanning a number of people and devices over a wide geographic area. To address these challenges, we propose a scalable monitoring framework consisting of $\textsl{BMQ-Processor}$ and $\textsl{Tran-Seq}$, which effectively achieves semantics and processing requirements newly arising in the large-scale, senor-rich ubiquitous services. First, we present BMQ-Processor, a high-performance Border-Crossing Event (BCE) detection framework. A BCE is intuitively represented as a data stream crossing the borders of a user-specified interest range. Many scenarios show that BCE is an important and frequently-used primitive event. To facilitate the specification of massive BCEs, we first characterize a new query semantics, namely, Border Monitoring Query (BMQ). More importantly, we develop a high-performance processing mechanism which operates over a novel $\textsl{stateful query index}$. BMQ-Processor efficiently evaluates a large number of BMQs over voluminous data streams in a shared and incremental manner. In particular, we design BMQ-Processor that supports one- and multi-dimensional BMQs. Lastly, we demonstrate excellent processing performance and low storage cost of BMQ-Processor through extensive experiments and analysis. Second, we present Tran-Seq, a high-performance BCE composition fram...
Song, June-Hwaresearcher송준화researcher
한국과학기술원 : 전산학전공,
Issue Date
309345/325007  / 020035243

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 전산학전공, 2009.2, [ ix, 82 p. ]


Border monitoring; Region transition monitoring; Ubiquitous services; Data streams; 경계관찰; 지역이동관찰; 유비쿼터스 서비스; 데이터 스트림; Border monitoring; Region transition monitoring; Ubiquitous services; Data streams; 경계관찰; 지역이동관찰; 유비쿼터스 서비스; 데이터 스트림

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