Synthesis and characterization of aromatic polymers containing pendant silyl groups = 규소함유 측사슬을 포함하는 방향족 고분자들의 합성 및 성질 고찰 ;

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Part one:Synthesis and Characterization of Aromatic Polymers Containing Pendant Silyl Groups. Aromatic poyamides containing pendant silyl groups were synthesized by direct polycondensation of silylated diacids such as TSTA, BTSTA, TSIA, DMSIA and TPSIA with various aromatic diamines. And aromatic polyesters were prepared by interfacial polycondensation of BPA with corresponding diacid chlorides. The structure of these polymers were indentified by 1H-NMR and IR spectroscopy. Characteristic absorption bands of polyamides appeared at 3500-3200cm-1 (NH stretching), 1640-1600cm (amide I band) and that of polyesters was observed at 1740-1730cm-1 (carbonyl stretching of ester group). The resulting polyamides had inherent viscosities in the range of 0.18$\sim$0.94 dL/g and those of polyesters were 0.41$\sim$0.95dL/g. Most of polymers were obtained in higher yields. The prepared polyamides were soluble in polar solvents such as DMF, NMP, pyridine and polyesters showed the improved solubility compared with unsubstituted ones. Moreover, it is possible to obtain transparent, flexible and tough polyester films. The thermal stability of polymers was evaluated by DSC and TGA. The Tgs of polyamides and polyesters were in the range of 240$\sim$318$^\circ$C and 163$\sim$214$^\circ$C, respectively. Thus, these polymers could be used at higher temperature than conventional polymers. And the TGA data showed 10\% weight losses of polyamides at 358$\sim$500$^\circ$C and those of polyesters at 437$\sim$495$^\circ$C Part two:Synthesis and Characterization of Nadimide End-Capped polyarylates. 4-NBC was prepared by the condensation reaction of nadic anhydride with 4-aminobenzoic acid followed by acid chlorination. HTPA prepolymers with various molecular weight were synthesized by the reaction of excess BPA with TPC/IPC mixture and then end-capped with 4-NBC to give NTPA prepolymers which could be thermally induced to crosslink. The resulting cured polyarylates were insoluble in common or...
Choi, Sam-KwonChoi, Kil-Yeong최삼권최길영
한국과학기술원 : 화학과,
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61619/325007 / 000835274

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 화학과, 1991.8, [ ix, 119 p. ]

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