Study on the polymer electrolytes based on the new polymer membrane and nanoparticle = 새로운 고분자 분리막을 기초로 한 나노입자가 도입된 고분자 전해질에 관한 연구

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The rechargeable lithium batteries with significantly higher energy density and light weight are currently being used and studied. However, only a few of the thousands of proposed battery systems have been commercialized. A set of criteria can be established to characterize reactions suitable for use in selecting chemical systems for commercial battery development. The lithium ion battery with liquid electrolyte provides better performance in wide temperature range, but liquid electrolyte leakage problem and safety problem remain in a constant risk. In battery component, the separator plays an important role in rechargeable lithium batteries since it can keep the positive and negative electrodes apart to prevent electrical short circuits and also, provide thermal shutdown behavior at high temperature for safety. Unfortunately, however, there have been few investigations on alternative material-based separators that can enhance compatibility with liquid electrolyte without sacrificing mechanical and thermal properties. To develop lithium battery technology and overcome leakage problem of the liquid electrolyte, the polymer electrolyte was developed. These polymer electrolytes have some advantages over their liquid counter parts. The advantages of polymer electrolytes include no internal shorting, leakage of electrolytes and low flammability and thereby enabling the fabrication of flexible, compact and can be fabricated in any desired shape and size. In this work, the studies have been made primarily to development of the new separator for enhance ionic conductivity and mechanical strength with non-polyolefin polymer. The separator which is a microporous membrane based on poly(vinylidene fluoride)(PVdF) is prepared by phase inversion method. Even though PVdF has a high compatibility with liquid electrolyte than the commercialized PE separator, the mechanical property of PVdF membrane is poorer than that of the commercialized PE separator. It is one of the most ...
Park, Jung-Kiresearcher박정기researcher
한국과학기술원 : 생명화학공학과,
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268700/325007  / 020035143

학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 생명화학공학과, 2007. 8, [ xii, 124 p. ]


Lithium rechargeable battery; separator; polymer electrolyte; membrane; 리튬이차전지; 분리막; 고분자 전해질; 멤브레인; Lithium rechargeable battery; separator; polymer electrolyte; membrane; 리튬이차전지; 분리막; 고분자 전해질; 멤브레인

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