Lung window apparatus based on micro-suction for in vivo microscopic imaging of lung tissue and method for obtaining image using the same생체 내 폐조직 미세영상 획득을 위한 미세흡인 기반 폐 윈도우 장치 및 이를 이용한 영상 획득 방법

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The invention discloses a lung window device based on micro inhalation for acquiring a lung tissue microscopic image in a living body and a method for acquiring the image by using the lung window device. According to an embodiment of the present invention, there is provided a pulmonary window device including an open window having an upper end and a lower end communicating with each other, a cover glass provided on the upper end and a lower end contacting a pulmonary tissue, a suction tube extending from one side of the open window to a suction device and forming a vacuum state in the open window, and a tilt base placing section extending from one side of the open window and having a tilt base placed thereon for keeping the cover glass and an objective lens of a confocal microscope system in a parallel state. According to this embodiment, there is an advantage in that it is possible to stably acquire microscopic images at the cellular and molecular levels of lung tissue in vivo while maintaining physiological respiration and circulation of animals without interfering with this.
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