Morphology control and physicochemical properties of first row transition metal chalcogenides and phosphides for optical and electrochemical applications = 광학 및 전기화학 응용을 위한 첫 주기 전이금속 칼코지나이드와 포스파이드의 형태 제어 및 물리화학적 특성 연구

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The first-row transition metals have unique physicochemical properties when forming compounds with oxygen, sulfur, and phosphorus. Transition metal oxides have been the subject of extensive studies as imaging agents using magnetic properties. Transition metal phosphides have proper binding energy with hydrogen molecules, so the frequency of research on hydrogen evolution reactions using these materials is increasing. Besides, transition metal sulfides are employed in quantum dot display applications by using the visible region, especially the bandgap of nanoparticles. The unique physicochemical properties of these nanomaterials can be manipulated according to the size, shape, surface index, and degree of alloy. Therefore, it is significant to tailor and analyze the catalyst morphology and structure. In this study, physicochemical properties were changed according to various morphology control of transition metal oxide, sulfide, and phosphides in nanoscale. In chapter I, physicochemical properties and applications of transition metal chalcogenides and phosphides were introduced. In chapter II, the synthesis, structural analysis, and formation mechanism of octapod manganese oxide nanostructures were synthesized by using the organic and inorganic ligands. Subsequently, the addition of silver or gold domains to apply for dual imaging was discussed. In chapter III, the alloying effect in electrochemical hydrogen production reactions using iron-nickel phosphide nanocatalysts was considered in principle. Chapter IV introduced a study on the synthesis of cadmium or cadmium-free based quantum rods for the implementation of blue light-emitting quantum materials. These studies could help to understand the relationship between the morphology of the first-row transition metal compounds and their physicochemical and catalytic properties.
Song, Hyunjoonresearcher송현준researcher
한국과학기술원 :화학과,
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학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 화학과, 2020.8,[ix, 84 p. :]


nanoparticle▼aimaging agent▼ahydrogen evolution reaction▼ablue quantum dot▼aoctapod▼adot-in-rod▼amanganese oxide▼airon nickel phosphide▼azinc sulfide; 나노 입자▼a조영제▼a수소 생성 반응▼a청색 양자 점▼a팔 완류▼a양자 막대 내 양자 점▼a산화 망간▼a철 니켈 인화물▼a황화 아연

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