Virtual Whole-Hand Grasping Feedback for Object Manipulation with a Two-Finger Haptic Interface

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In many virtual reality (VR) applications, achieving natural interaction with virtual objects remains a key challenge. In this paper, we present a virtual grasping feedback method based on a whole-hand model avatar in a virtual environment using a two-finger haptic device. To provide engaging visual feedback, we propose a method of rigging a virtual whole hand model of five fingers from two input positions of the gripper, as well as a strategy for determining proxy points adapted to various shapes of the objects in contact. To provide plausible haptic feedback, we investigate virtual force acting on the user's fingers by proposing a dynamic model that includes the main factors influencing grasping force based on the study of the actual grip. We demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed method by conducting experiments where a user grabs three different shapes of a container to pour the liquid out of the container. Depending on the contact positions of thumb and index fingers of the user, the five-finger avatar hand poses an intuitive configuration concerning the shape of the container. The computed force feedback helps the user to successfully manipulate the container in lifting and tilting actions. Category: Human-Computer Interaction.
Korean Institute of Information Scientists and Engineers
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Journal of Computing Science and Engineering, v.14, no.2, pp.41 - 51

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