Automatic Color Scheme Extraction from Movies

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A color scheme is an association of colors, i.e., a subset of all possible colors, that represents a visual identity. We propose an automated method to extract a color scheme from a movie. Since a movie is a carefully edited video with different objects and heterogeneous content embodying the director's messages and values, it is a challenging task to extract a color scheme from a movie as opposed to a general video filmed at once without distinction of shots or scenes. Despite such challenges, color scheme extraction plays a very important role in film production and application. The color scheme is an interpretation of the scenario by the cinematographer and it can convey a mood or feeling that stays with the viewer after the movie has ended. It also acts as a contributing factor to describe a film, like the metadata fields of a film such as a genre, director, and casting. Moreover, it can be automatically tagged unlike metadata, so it can be directly applied to the existing movie database without much effort. Our method produces a color scheme from a movie in a bottom-up manner from segmented shots. We formulate the color extraction as a selection problem where perceptually important colors are selected using saliency. We introduce a semi-master-shot, an alternative unit defined as a combination of contiguous shots taken in the same place with similar colors. Using real movie videos, we demonstrate and validate the plausibility of the proposed technique.
International Foundation for Autonomous Agents and Multiagent Systems
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ICMR '20: International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, pp.154 - 163

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