Method for manufacturing of multi-level pore zeolite and utilization as catalyst for hydroisomerization of normal paraffins of multi-level pore zeolite prepared thereby위계다공성 제올라이트의 제조방법 및 이에 따라 제조된 위계다공성 제올라이트의 노말파라핀 수첨이성화반응 촉매로의 활용방법

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The present disclosure relates to a method for preparing a multi-level pore zeolite, including: (A) a step of mixing a silicon precursor, an aluminum precursor, a phosphorus precursor, a structure directing agent and water; a step of (B) adding phenylphosphonic acid, carbon black or a mixture thereof to the mixture prepared in the step (A) and mixing the same; a step of (C) crystallizing the mixture prepared in the step (B) by heat-treating the same; and a step of (D) calcining the crystallization product, and utilization of the prepared multi-level pore zeolite as a catalyst for hydroisomerization of normal paraffins. The catalyst exhibits improved isoparaffin yield when it is used as a catalyst for hydroisomerization of normal paraffins such as diesel or lube base oil by supporting an active metal component because residence time of reactants and products in the zeolite crystals are decreased due to mesopores and the proportion of external acid sites to total acid sites is low. Also, cloud point and pour point are effectively improved and high hydroisomerization reactivity is achieved without product loss
SOIL Corporation, KAIST
US (United States)
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