Terahertz wave CMOS power detector integrated with on-chip antenna = On-Chip 안테나와 집적된 THz 대역 CMOS 전력 검출기

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A highly efficient Terahertz (THz) CMOS power detector for chip to chip data link and is presented. The THz power detectors are integrated with on-chip antenna which is opera-tion at 0.25THz and 0.5THz. This dissertation includes the proposed detector topology, and the interconnection method between antenna and detector. Moreover, the THz CMOS power detector with on-chip antenna will use the chip to chip data link with 0.25 THz CMOS ASK modulation transmitter. The proposed detector structure was designed based on the plasma wave transistor theo-ry. The proposed NNP stacked topology detectors are composed with the NMOS plasma wave FET, the PMOS load at the top of the plasma wave FET, and the NMOS stacked structure in the bottom of the plasma wave FET. In addition, the modified stacked detector structures are implemented with on-chip antenna. The high active impedance load makes the highest responsivity in the modified detectors. Moreover, this thesis tries to find out the optimum interconnection method in on-chip an-tenna integration. The signal transfer and detection mechanism is studied in the view of the impedance conditions of the antenna and the directly connected detector. The interconnec-tion matching method is calculated by receiving antenna model. To research of a high effi-cient voltage-transfer method from antenna to detector, the various impedance matching condition between the detectors and the on-chip resonating antenna is fabricated with CMOS 65nm process. The measurement results of these detectors are compared with the calculated results of the receiving antenna model. The high responsivity of non-resonant plasma wave detector can be achieved by the high impedance of detector, and then the con-jugate impedance of antenna with the high impedance detector makes the higher responsiv-ity. The power detector with on-chip antenna is used by receiver in chip to chip data link. The chip to chip clock distribution systems are implemented with transmitter with OOK modu-lation by 55nm CMOS process. The 2 kHz OOK modulated 250 GHz signal is demodulat-ed by the receiver.
Hong, Songcheolresearcher홍성철researcher
한국과학기술원 :전기및전자공학부,
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학위논문(박사) - 한국과학기술원 : 전기및전자공학부, 2016.2,[v, 88 p. :]


Terahetz▼aTHz▼asub-millimeter wave▼apower detector▼adetector▼aPlasma wave FET▼aplasma wave transistor▼aphotovoltaic▼aphotocurrent▼aClock distribution▼aInter chip communication▼aIntra chip communication▼aStacked structure▼a250GHz▼a500GHz▼a1.5THz; 테라헤르츠▼a서브밀리미터파▼a전력 검출기▼a플라즈마 파 검출기▼a칩 통신

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