Irreversible optical device utilizing optical frequency shift광주파수 시프트를 이용하여 돌이킬 수 없는 광학 장치

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An irreversible optical device using an optical frequency shift. The invention provides an irreversible phase shifter including frequency shifters. An irreversible interferometer is also provided which includes the irreversible phase shifter. The invention also provides an irreversible interferometer using a twin-mode optical fiber. In addition to the twin-mode optical fiber, this irreversible interferometer includes mode/frequency shifters and LP11 mode strippers. The irreversible interferometer exhibits a light transmissivity varying in accordance with the advancing direction of light, so that it can have the same functions as conventional optical isolators or circulators. In accordance with the invention, it is possible to configure a comb filter by incorporating passive mode couplers to the irreversible interferometer. It is also possible to vary the transmissivity and transmitting direction of light or to shift the comb position of the comb filter from a wavelength range, using electrical signals. Since the irreversible optical device of the invention uses optical fibers, it exhibits a small insertion loss and has features capable of achieving a phase shift or transmissivity modulation of light and a variation in the transmissivity of light depending on the wavelength of the light.
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