Variable lamination rapid prototyping apparatus for producing large scale 3-dimensional object대형 입체형상 제작용 가변 적층 쾌속 조형장치

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The variable lamination rapid prototyping apparatus of the present invention includes a first feeding means which longitudinally reciprocates a sheet, a second feeding means which is provided under the first feeding means and reciprocates in a direction transverse to the sheet, and a rotating means which is coupled to the second feeding means and rotates around an axis parallel to the transverse direction of the sheet. The apparatus further includes a translation means which is linked to the rotating means, a cutting means which is coupled to the translation means, and a stacking means which subsequently stacks a plurality of cut sheets, thus forming the 3-dimensional object. The apparatus further includes a control means which previously stores data about the object therein and controls the above-mentioned plurality of means based on the data. Because a hot wire is provided in a parallelogram link structure, superior cutting accuracy and the stability are ensured. Furthermore, because the link structure is adjustable in length, it is possible to easily cut a sheet regardless of the size of the sheet.
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