Constructing resilience model of port infrastructure based on system dynamics

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The port industry, which plays an important role in Korea's economy, is exposed to various disasters such as earthquakes, tsunamis, and chemical accidents. Therefore, resilience needs to be assessed to evaluate how properly port system can recover its function even after being damaged, and weak points should be complemented by the policy. However, the port infrastructure is too complicated to analyze all the components, so a systemic approach is needed. Therefore, this study evaluates the resilience of the port infrastructure using system dynamics model, which can compare quantitative performance index. This study sets up the cargo process, the most important economic index of the port, as the performance level and constructs a system dynamics model by finding elements corresponding to attributes of resilience. In addition to disruption and recovery actions in the disaster situation, the model also incorporates socioeconomic factors such as changes in cargo demand and financial state, resulting in close proximity to case studies. Simulation of disaster situations with resilience assessment model can express recovery process of the system and accumulated economic damage. By applying various inputs and scenarios, the result of this study can be used as a basis for comparing the resilience of port infrastructure and establishing the reinforcement policy.
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Damage detection; Disasters; Economics; Port terminals; Recovery; System theory; Assessment models; Disaster situations; Infrastructure resiliences; Port infrastructure; Quantitative performance index; Socio-economic factor; System dynamics model; Systemic approach; Ports and harbors; cargo; disaster; infrastructure; numerical model; performance assessment; policy making; port installation; quantitative analysis; recovery; ship technology; socioeconomic impact; Korea


International Journal of Safety and Security Engineering, v.7, no.3, pp.352 - 360

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