User acceptance of offline mobile payment = 오프라인 모바일 결제의 사용자 수용에 관한 연구 : 인지된 가치의 관점에서

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As a kind of mobile payments, offline mobile payment is fast growing and receiving attentions. In spite of its growth, there were lack of research to investigating offline mobile payment users’ adoption. Thus, this study empirically tried to analyze why people use of-fline mobile payments. For that purpose, this research employs the perceived value perspec-tive. Perceived value is trade-off between perceived benefits and perceived sacrifices. As a perceived benefit components, we employed perceived usefulness and social image. In the case of perceived sacrifice, we employed perceived risk including perceived security risk, perceived performance risk and perceived financial risk. The research model includes con-venience and compatibility as an antecedents of perceived usefulness. In addition, we ex-pected that brand name will increase social image, and relieve perceived risks. Partial least squares (PLS) was employed to validate measurements and to test the structural model. The survey obtained 153 samples who have ever used Samsung Pay or Apple Pay. As a result, perceived value have a significant effect on intention to use. In perceived benefit compo-nents, only perceived usefulness has an effect on perceived value. In the case of perceived risk, perceived security risk and perceived performance risk are antecedents of perceived value. Overall, perceived benefit seems to impact more on perceived value than perceived sacrifices. The result implicate that users perceive benefit more than sacrifices, therefore practitioners such as marketing managers need to consider how to provide more benefits to users. In addition, this research has theoretical contributions in that first try to examine of-fline mobile payment users’ adoption. Moreover, we employed perceived value perspective which can consider both benefits and sacrifices.
Zo, Hangjungresearcher조항정researcher
한국과학기술원 :기술경영학과,
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학위논문(석사) - 한국과학기술원 : 기술경영학과, 2016.2 ,[iv, 35 p. :]


offline mobile payment; Perceived value; Perceived benefit; Perceived risk; User acceptance; 오프라인 모바일 결제; 인지된 가치; 인지된 편익; 인지된 위험; 사용자 수용

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