Document Trace Diagram 과 IDEF 모델을 이용한 CALS 시스템 개발 방법론 CALS System Development Methodology Using Document Trace Diagram and IDEF Model

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dc.identifier.citation경영정보학연구, Vol.8, No.3, pp.37-49en
dc.description.abstractThe basic goal of CALS is to improve transactions and relationships among organizations through information sharing and integration. CALS is an information strategy which needs strong cooperation between organizations or between users and developers in design step. However, current design methodologies using IDEF models, that are considered to be standard for CALS system development, has some limitations. For example, it is difficult for system developers to communicate with counterparts by IDEF model since IDEF models are difficult for counterparts to understand. In this paper, we suggest a development methodology for CALS systems by complementing IDEF model with Document Trace Diagram, which we developed as a communication tool. The concept of Document Trace Diagram stems from the fact that most information exchanged within or between organizations is in the form of documents and most standard operating procedures of organizations are about processing the documents. It helps system developers identify functions and their ICOMs (Input, Control, Output, Mechanism) with ease and little communication cost. With this methodology, we have constructed the CAIS prototype system for construction industry.en
dc.titleDocument Trace Diagram 과 IDEF 모델을 이용한 CALS 시스템 개발 방법론en
dc.title.alternativeCALS System Development Methodology Using Document Trace Diagram and IDEF Modelen
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