Performance Evaluation of Hybrid Rocket using 95 wt.% H2O2

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The present paper describes a design and a performance evaluation of the hybrid rocket using high test peroxide of which concentration is 95 wt.% for the performance improvement such as specific impulse and combustion efficiency. By employing 95 wt.% hydrogen peroxide instead of 90 wt.%, specific impulse and density specific impulse of the hybrid rocket becomes higher than those of hybrid rockets using nitrous oxide. It makes a hybrid rocket much lighter and smaller for same mission. To design hybrid rocket using 95 wt.% hydrogen peroxide, fuel reression rate is an important to acquire high performance and it must be verified by experimentally. Hot-firing tests were performed to acquire a regression rate of the 250 N hybrid rocket. We chose high density polyethylene as solid fuel in this study. We derived the regression rate equation from experimental data. The regression rate was improved by averaged 28.1 % comparing with the regression rate using 90 wt.% hydrogen peroxide. Characteristic velocity efficiency was also improved and it is higher than 94 %. Oxidizer fuel ratio shifting was also reduced significantly, and the shortened ignition delay was observed.
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2016 Propulsion and energy(52nd JPC), pp.12

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