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M2m: Imbalanced Classification via Major-to-minor Translation

Jaehyung, Kim; Jeong, Jongheon; Shin, Jinwooresearcher, IEEE/CVF Conference on Computer Vision and Pattern Recognition, CVPR 2020, IEEE Computer Society, 2020-06-16

Machine Learning Approach to Yield Management in Semiconductor Manufacturing: Continuous Class Learning Approaches

Park, Sang Chan, Int'l Conf. on Production Research, pp.1219 - 1222, 1999

Machine-Part Cell Formation using Genetic Algorithm

Cho, K.K.; Yang, Taeyongresearcher, Computers & IE, 1995

Magnetic Properties of Field Annealed Amorphous Fe-B-Si Wound Cores

Lim, Ho Binresearcher, 35th MMM Conference, Amer.Inst.Phys, Conference on Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, 1990-10

Magnetic Property Investigations on C-doped FePt Thin Film

Song, Hyonseok; Ko, Hyun Seok; Lee, Kyeong Dong; Kim, Ji-Wan; Shin, Sung-Chulresearcher, International Conference of AUMS, The Asian Union of Magnetics Societies, 2010-12

Magnetic Resonant Wireless Power Transfer for Propulsion of Implantable Micro-Robot.

Kim, Dongwook; Kim. Minho; Yoo. Jesung; Park. Hyun-Ho; Ahn. Seungyoung, Magnetism and Magnetic Materials, AIP Publishing, LLC and the IEEE Mangetic Society, 2014-11-06

Magnetization dynamics in perpendicular magnetic anisotropy CoFeB/MgO system

Sohn, Jeong Woo; Kim, Ji-wan; Lee, Kyeong Dong; Song, Hyon-seok; Shin, Il-jae; Min, Byoung-chul; You, Chun-yeol; et al, The 19th International Conference on Magnetism (ICM2012), International Union of Pure and Applied Physics, 2012-07-12

Magnetization Imaging Using Scanning Transmission X-ray Microscopy

Kim, Sang-Koogresearcher, International Conference on X-ray Microscopy, pp.49 - 54, 1999

Management Aspect of Software Safety

Cha, Sungdeok, International Conference on Computer Assurance, 1993

Management System of Biomedical Waste in Seoul, Korea

Ja-Kong Kooresearcher, Proceedings of The 3rd NTU-KU-KAIST Tri-Lateral Seminar/Workshop on Civil Engineering, pp.319 - 330, 1993

Managing Complexity in Automated Systems: An Information Measure ans its Application

Steven Hyung Kimresearcher, Manufacturing Technology Review and North American Manufacturing Research Conference, pp.541 - 545, 1987

Managing GPU buffers for caching more apps in mobile systems

Kwon, Sejun; Kim, Sang-Hoon; Kim, Jin-Soo; Jeong, Jinkyu, 13th International Conference on Embedded Software, EMSOFT 2015, pp.207 - 216, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2015-10

Managing Service Quality using Content-Centric Information System Architecture

Park, Sang Chan, 3rd Asian Network for Quality Congress, pp.527 - 535, 2005

Managing the Development of Advanced Knowledge Systems

Steven Hyung Kimresearcher, CIRP International Seminar on Manufacturing Systems, pp.79 - 81, 1987

MANET에서의 동적 주소 할당 기법에 관한 연구

이준원, 한국정보과학회 춘계 학술발표회, pp.4 - 6, 2003

MAP,MAP/M/C retrial queue with guard channels

Choi, Bong Dae, the first International Workshop on retrial queues, 1998

Marked length spectrum and cross ratio on the ideal boundary

김인강, Daewoo workshop at Chungju on geometry and topology, pp.114 - 151, 1995

Marked length spectrum on the finite set of elements determines the irreducible representation in the isometry group of rank one symmetric space of noncompact type

In Kang Kim, The Third Pacific Rim geometry, pp.99 - 107, 1998

Market Deregulation and the Role of the Korean Bureau

석승훈researcher, 한국보험학회 학술대회, 2009-05-01

Market Discipline of Subordinated debts: Empirical Evidence from Japanese Commercial Banks

Min, Hong Ghiresearcher, The International Conference on Financial Management and Economics, SOCIAL SCIENCES RESEARCH SOCIETY, 2011-03-11

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