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Cross-Ownership and Internal Capital Market

Sung, Taeyoon, The 12th KEA International Conference, pp.1(2-2) - 33(2-2), 2006

Fiscal Policy, Business Cycles and Economic Stabilization: Evidence from Industrial and Developing Countries

성태윤, 한국 재정/공공경제학회 2005 춘계 정기학술대회, pp.221 - 247, 2005

Group Control Motive as a Determinant of Ownership Structure in Business Conglomerates - Evidence from Korea's Chaebols

Sung, Taeyoon, The 4th Asian Corporate Governance Conference, 2005

Stock Market Liberalizaton and Price Response: Gradualism versus Cold Turkey

Sung, Taeyoon, MFA 2006 Conference, 2006

What Determines the Ownership Structure of Business Conglomerate?: On the Cash Flow Rights of Korea's Chaebol

Sung, Taeyoon, International Conference of Korea Development Institute: Corporate Governance of Group Companies, pp.237 - 278, 2004

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