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Complex projective structures and the marked length rigidity

In Kang Kim, RIMS Symposium, Hyperbolic Spaces and Related Topics, pp.153 - 159, 1999

Gromov norm and Toledo invariant

김인강, 98 TGRC-KOSEF workshop on mathematics, pp.103 - 110, 1998

Marked length spectrum and cross ratio on the ideal boundary

김인강, Daewoo workshop at Chungju on geometry and topology, pp.114 - 151, 1995

Marked length spectrum on the finite set of elements determines the irreducible representation in the isometry group of rank one symmetric space of noncompact type

In Kang Kim, The Third Pacific Rim geometry, pp.99 - 107, 1998

Rank one symmetric spaces and Rigidity

김인강, The fifth Korea-Japan school of knots and links, pp.131 - 153, 1997

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