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M&S를 위한 SIMDIS에서 지형의 3D 표현

박동조researcher; 김석권; 손재원, 한국군사과학기술학회, 한국군사과학기술학회, 2010

M-CAM: Visual Explanation of Challenging Conditioned Dataset with Bias-reducing Memory

Kim, Seongyeop; Ro, Yong Manresearcher, The 32nd British Machine Vision Conference, BMVC 2021, British Machine Vision Association (BMVA), 2021-11-23

M-Zoom: Fast Dense-Block Detection in Tensors with Quality Guarantees

Shin, Kijungresearcher; Hooi, Bryan; Faloutsos, Christos, European Conference on Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery in Databases (ECML-PKDD), pp.264 - 280, Springer, 2016-09-23

M-생존자 채널 추정기에 기반을 둔 적응 MLSE 수신기

조성권; 이용훈researcher, 통신 정보 합동 학술대회 (JCCI '98), pp.176 - 180, 대한전자공학회, 1998-04

MAC algorithm for energy-limited ad-hoc networks

Jin, Kyu Tae; Cho, Dong-Horesearcher, 52nd Vehicular Technology Conference (IEEE VTS Fall VTC2000), pp.219 - 222, IEEE, 2000-09-24

Mach-Zehnder 변조기의 소광비가 멀티레벨 광신호의 성능에 미치는 영향

정윤철researcher, 광자기술 학술회의, 광자기술 학술회의, 2010

Machine learning (ML)-based lithography optimizations

Shin, Youngsooresearcher; Shim, Seongbo; Choi, Suhyeong, IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Circuits and Systems, IEEE, 2016-10-25

Machine learning (ML)-guided OPC using basis functions of polar Fourier transform

Shim, Seongbo; Choi, Su Hyeong; Shin, Young Soo, SPIE Advanced Lithography, SPIE, 2016-02-24

Machine Learning and Autonomous Systems in the Military Realm: An Engineer’s Point of View

Lee, Soo-Youngresearcher, 3rd SIPRI Workshop on Mapping the Impact of Machine Learning and Autonomy on Strategic Stability and Nuclear Risk, STOCKHOLM INTERNATIONAL PEACE RESEARCH INSTITUTE, 2019-02-25

Machine Learning Robustness, Fairness, and their Convergence

Lee, Jae-Gilresearcher; Roh, Yuji; Song, Hwanjun; Whang, Steven Euijongresearcher, 27th ACM SIGKDD Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, KDD 2021, pp.4046 - 4047, Association for Computing Machinery, 2021-08-14

Machine learning-based 3D resist model

Shim, Seongbo; Choi, Suhyeong; Shin, Youngsooresearcher, SPIE Advanced Lithography, SPIE, 2017-02-26

Machine Learning-Based Beamforming in Two-User MISO Interference Channels

Kwon, Hyung Jun; Lee, Jung Hoon; Choi, Wanresearcher, 1st International Conference on Artificial Intelligence in Information and Communication (ICAIIC), pp.496 - 499, IEEE, 2019-02

Machine Learning-Based Energy Management in a Hybrid Electric Vehicle to Minimize Total Operating Cost

Xue Lin; Paul Bogdan; Chang, Naehyuckresearcher; Massoud Pedram, Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Aided Design (ICCAD), ACM SIGDA and IEEE CEDA, 2015-11-04

Machine learning-based energy management in a hybrid electric vehicle to minimize total operating cost

Lin, Xue; Bogdan, Paul; Chang, Naehyuckresearcher; Pedram, Massoud, 34th IEEE/ACM International Conference on Computer-Aided Design, ICCAD 2015, pp.627 - 634, ACM SIGDA and IEEE CEDA, 2015-11-04

Machine Learning-Based Error Recovery System for NAND Flash Memory with Process Variation

Lee, Seonmin; Jee, Jeongju; Park, Hyuncheolresearcher, The 12th International Conference on Information and Communication Technology Convergence (ICTC 2021), IEEE, 2021-10-22

Machine learning-based resist 3D model

Shim, Seongbo; Choi, Suhyeong; Shin, Youngsooresearcher, Optical Microlithography XXX 2017, SPIE, 2017-02

Machine-Learning-based Device Optimization with TCAD

김보겸; 신민철researcher, 제27회 한국반도체학술대회, pp.111, 제27회 한국반도체학술대회, 2020-02-13

Macro-Micro Evolutionary Algorithm: A Multi-Agents Model for Optimization

Oh, Sang-Keon; Song, Eun-young; Lee, Ju-Jangresearcher, Intrnational Conference on Systems Engineering, pp.31 - 36, Intrnational Conference on Systems Engineering, 2002-08

Magnetic Field Coupling on Analog-to-digital Converter from Wireless Power Transfer System in Automotive Environment

Kim, Jounghoresearcher; Bae, Bumhee; Kong, Sunkyu; Kim, Jonghoon J; Kim, Sukjin, IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits(EMC Compo), pp.238 - 242, IEEE Electromagnetic Compatibility of Integrated Circuits(EMC Compo), 2013-12-15

Magnetic Field Dependence of the Resistance Anomaly in Superconducting Mesoscopic Aluminum Structures

Lee, S; Park, KW; Shin, Mincheolresearcher; Lee, EH; Kwon, HC, NPE'97, NPE'97, 1997-09



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