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Automatic path-planning algorithm maximizing observation area for virtual colonoscopy

Kang, D.-G.; Ra, Jong Beomresearcher, Progress in Biomedical Optics and Imaging 2004 - Medical Imaging: Visualization, Image-Guided Procedures, and Display, v.5367, pp.687 - 696, 2004-02-15

Automatic photo indexing based on person identity

Yang, SJ; Seo, KS; Kim, SK; Ro, YongManresearcher; Kim, JY; Seo, YS, ADVANCES IN MULTIMEDIA INFORMATION PROCESSING - PCM 2005, PT 2 BOOK SERIES: LECTURE NOTES IN COMPUTER SCIENCE, v.3768, pp.877 - 888, 2005

Automatic Photo Indexing Based on Person Identity

Yang, Seungji; Seo, Kyong Sok; Kim, Sang Kyun; Ro, Yong Man; Kim, Ji-Yeon; Seo, Yang Suk, PCM 2005, 2005

Automatic placement for directed self-assembly lithography

Chung, Woohyun; Shim, Seongbo; Shin, Youngsoo, 한국반도체학술대회, 대한전자공학회, 2016-02-22

Automatic Program Synthesis in Mechanical Systems Dynamic Simulation

Bae, Dae Sung; Kim, Tag-Gonresearcher; Jhang, Hyoung, Summer Simulation Conf, pp.62 - 67, ACM, 1990-07

Automatic Recognition of Children Engagement from Facial Video using Convolutional Neural Networks

Yun, Woo-Han; Lee, Dongjin; Park, Chankyu; Kim, Jaehong; Kim, Junmoresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON AFFECTIVE COMPUTING, v.11, no.4, pp.696 - 707, 2020-10

Automatic Recommendation of (IP)TV Program Schedules using Sequential Pattern Mining

Kim, MunChurlresearcher; Pyo, S; Kim, EH, EuroITV 2009, pp.50 - 53, 2009

Automatic region of interest determination in music videos

Kim, W.; Kim, Changickresearcher, 41st Asilomar Conference on Signals, Systems and Computers, ACSSC, pp.485 - 489, IEEE, 2007-11-04

Automatic registration between 3D intra-operative ultrasound and pre-operative CT images of the liver based on robust edge matching

Nam, Woo-Hyun; Kang, Dong-Goo; Lee, Duhg-Oon; Lee, Jae-Young; Ra, Jong-Beomresearcher, PHYSICS IN MEDICINE AND BIOLOGY, v.57, no.1, pp.69 - 91, 2012-01

Automatic registration of brain magnetic resonance images based on talairach reference system

Han, Y; Park, HyunWookresearcher, JOURNAL OF MAGNETIC RESONANCE IMAGING, v.20, pp.572 - 580, 2004-10

Automatic registration of brain MR images using Talairach reference system

Park, HyunWookresearcher; Han, Y., 5th China-India-Japan-Korea Joint Workshop on Neurobiology and Neuroinformatics, pp.19 -, 2003-11

Automatic resonant frequency matching of power amplifier by transformer loop sampling

Lee, Han-Lim; Jang, Hyeong-Seok; Park, Dong-Hoon; Lee, Moon-Que; Yu, Jong-Wonresearcher, ELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.51, no.6, pp.510 - 511, 2015-03

Automatic road extraction from remote sensing images based on a Hessian matrix

Bae, Y; Jang, JH; Ra, Jong Beomresearcher, SPIE Defense, Security, and Sensing , v.8399, pp.83990J.1 - 83990J.8, SPIE, 2012-04-24

Automatic Road Extraction From Remote Sensing Images Based on a Normalized Second Derivative Map

Bae, Yoonsung; Lee, Won Hee; Choi, Yun Jun; Jeon, Young Woo; Ra, Jong Beomresearcher, IEEE GEOSCIENCE AND REMOTE SENSING LETTERS, v.12, no.9, pp.1858 - 1862, 2015-09

Automatic road extraction from remote sensing images based on a normalized second derivative map = 정규화된 이차미분지도에 기반한 원격감지영상에서의 자동 도로추출link

Bae, Yoonsung; 배윤성; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2015

Automatic salient object detection using principal component analysis

Lee, Hansang; Kim, Jiwhan; Kim, Junmoresearcher, The 2nd International Conference on Robot Intelligence and Technology Application 2013, KRSA, 2013-12-18

Automatic segmentation of distal radius using active shape model in DXA

Ro, YongManresearcher, IEEE Nuclear Science Symposium Medical Imaging Conference, 2009-10-25

Automatic segmentation of salient objects using iterative reversible graph cut

Jung, C; Kim,B; Kim, Changickresearcher, 2010 IEEE International Conference on Multimedia and Expo, ICME 2010, pp.590 - 595, IEEE, 2010-07-19

Automatic shot change detection algorithm using multi-stage clustering for MPEG-compressed videos

Song, BC; Ra, Jong Beomresearcher, JOURNAL OF VISUAL COMMUNICATION AND IMAGE REPRESENTATION, v.12, no.3, pp.364 - 385, 2001-09

Automatic sizing algorithm for CMOS combinational circuits = CMOS 조합회로에 대한 자동 크기결정 알고리즘link

Jang, Young-Jo; 장영조; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1992



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