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25-GHz-channel-spaced DWDM-PON based on ASE injection with reduced filtering effect

Kim, Joon-Young; Lee, Hoon-Keun; Moon, Sang-Rok; Lee, Chang-Heeresearcher, Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics (CLEO), pp.JWA1 -, 2011-05-01

25.2923-Gb/s optical link using EML for mobile fronthaul network of LTE-A systems

Bae, Sung Hyun; Shim, Hyun Kyu; Kim, Hoon; Chung, Yun-Chur, OptoElectronics and Communication Conference (OECC) 2015, IEEE-INST ELECTRICAL ELECTRONICS ENGINEERS INC, 2015-07-01

25.6Gbit/s horizontally and vertically accessible embedded multiport SRAM

Chang, SH; Kim, JS; Bae, CH; Kim, Lee-Supresearcher, ELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.35, no.21, pp.1823 - 1825, 1999-10

25.78-Gb/s Operation of RSOA for Next-Generation Optical Access Networks

Cho, Keun-Yeong; Choi, Byung-Seok; Takushima, Y.; Chung, Yun-Churresearcher, IEEE PHOTONICS TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.23, no.8, pp.495 - 497, 2011-04

25.78-Gb/s operation of RSOA for WDM PON

Cho, K.Y.; Choi, B.S.; Choi, H.Y.; Takushima, Y.; Chung, Yun Churresearcher, 15th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference, OECC2010, pp.16 - 17, 15th OptoElectronics and Communications Conference, OECC2010, 2010-07-05

250GHz on-chip CMOS transceiver for short distance communication = 단거리 고속통신을 위한 250GHz 온칩 송수신기link

Lim, Sungmook; Hong, Songcheol; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2018

26 GHz대 CATV용 국부 발진기의 설계와 시스템 예산의 설정 = Design of a local oscillator for CATV at 26 GHz and study of its system budgetlink

오경섭; Oh, Kyoung-Sub; et al, 한국과학기술원, 1997

28 GHz Channel Measurements and Modeling in a Ski Resort Town in Pyeongchang for 5G Cellular Network Systems

Ko, Junghoon; Hur, Sooyoung; Lee, Sunguk; Kim, Youngseok; Noh, Yun Seok; Cho, Yeonje; Kim, Shinhwan; et al, EuCAP 2016, pp.1 - 5, IEEE, 2016-04-10

28 GHz Millimeter-Wave Measurements and Models for Signal Attenuation in Vegetated Areas

Ko, Junghoon; Yun-Seok Noh; Yong-Chan Kim; Sooyoung Hur; Sung-rok Yoon; DongHyuck Park; Kuyeon Whang; et al, EuCAP 2017, EuCAP 2017, 2017-03-19

28 GHz Propagation Measurement Using FMCW Radar in a Reverberation Chamber

Park, Seong-Ookresearcher; Jeong, Myeonghun; Kim, Kibeom; Jung, Daehwan, International Symposium on Antennas and Propagation, National Sun Yat-Sen University, IEICE, IEEE APS, 2014-12-04

28 GHz RF Front-End Structure Using CG LNA as a Switch

Lee, Wonho; Hong, Songcheolresearcher, IEEE MICROWAVE AND WIRELESS COMPONENTS LETTERS, v.30, no.1, pp.94 - 97, 2020-01

28 GHz 실내 환경에서 방위각 확산, 지연 확산, 음영 감쇄간 상관 특성 분석

조연제; 고정훈; 김태환; 박동조researcher, 2014년도 한국통신학회 추계종합학술발표회, pp.378 - 379, 한국통신학회, 2014-11-22

28 GHz 초고주파 대역 실내 환경(사무실)의 채널 츶정 및 전파 환경 분석

고정훈; 김영석; 이성욱; 박동조researcher, 2016년도 대한전자공학회 하계종합학술대회, 대한전자공학회, 2016-06-23

28-Gb/s Upstream Transmission in RSOA-based WDM PON Using Polar RZ PAM-N Format and Direct Detection

Shim, Hyun Kyu; Kim, Hoon; Chung, Yun Chur, Optical Fiber Communication (OFC), OPTICAL SOC AMER, 2016-03-22

28-Gbps VCSEL-based optical access network with >14-dB power budget using 10G-class optical component

Bo, Tianwai; Kim, Byung Gon; Kim, Hoonresearcher, 2017 Opto-Electronics and Communications Conference, OECC 2017 and Photonics Global Conference, PGC 2017, pp.1 - 2, Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers Inc., 2017-08-02

28-GHz CMOS Power Amplifier Linearized With Resistive Drain-Body Connection

Cho, Gwangsik; Jeong, Gwanghyeon; Hong, Songcheolresearcher, IEEE MICROWAVE AND WIRELESS COMPONENTS LETTERS, v.30, no.9, pp.876 - 879, 2020-09

28-GHz In-Band Full-Duplex Power Amplifier Integrated with an Impedance Matched Hybrid Transformer

Jin, Yoonsoo; Hong, Songcheolresearcher, IEEE MICROWAVE AND WIRELESS COMPONENTS LETTERS, v.30, no.4, pp.410 - 413, 2020-04

28GHz 초고주파 대역 실외 채널 측정 및 클러스터 분석

고정훈; 조연제; 이경태; 박동조researcher, 2015년도 한국통신학회 하계종합학술발표회 , 한국통신학회, 2015-06-25

290-GHz 17-dB ON-/OFF-Ratio Modulator With Resonance Control Varactors

Lim, Sungmook; Koo, Hyunji; Kim, Choul-Young; Kim, Jungsoo; Rieh, Jae-Sung; Hong, Songcheolresearcher, IEEE MICROWAVE AND WIRELESS COMPONENTS LETTERS, v.29, no.1, pp.50 - 52, 2019-01

294-Gb/s CPRI-Equivalent-Rate Radio-over-Fiber Mobile Fronthaul Network Using a 1.55-mm DML and Dispersion-Induced CSO cancellation

Kim, Byung Gon; Bae, Sung Hyun; Kim, Hoonresearcher; Chung, Yun Churresearcher, European Conference on Optical Communication 2017, European Conference on Optical Communication 2017, 2017-09-19



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