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MUSIC Null-Spectrum의 평균과 분산

최진호; 윤진선; 김형명researcher; 송익호researcher; 박성일, 한국통신학회논문지, v.17, no.2, pp.114 - 120, 1992-02

Music Plagiarism Detection System

Lee, Juwan; Park, Sanghun; Jo, Seokhwan; Yoo, Chang Dongresearcher, International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications 2011, pp.828 - 830, ITC-CSCC, 2011-06

Music summarization using visual information of music and clustering method

김상호; 지미경; 김회린researcher, HCI, v.1, pp.400 - 400, 한국HCI학회, 2006-02

MUSIC 영 스펙트럼의 몇가지 통계적 성질

최진호; 송익호researcher; 이용업, 한국음향학회지, v.12, no.1, pp.82 - 88, 1993-04

MUSIC 영 스펙트럼의 점근적 해석

Yun, J.S.; Kim, S.; Kim, S.Y.; Park, S.I.; Son, J.C.; Song, Iickhoresearcher; Choi, J., 한국 통신 학회 추계 종합 학술 발표회, pp.115 - 118, 한국 통신 학회, 1991-11

Musical instrument recognition using hidden markov model

Lee, J.; Chun, Joohwanresearcher, The Thirty-Sixth Asilomar Conference on Signals Systems and Computers, v.1, pp.196 - 199, 2002-11-03

Musical Polyphony Music Transcription (only abstract)

Kim, Chang-Hyun; Lee, Soo-Youngresearcher, 뇌와 인공지능 심포지엄, 2012-01-31

Musical slide show MAF with protection and governance using MPEG-21 IPMP components and REL

Sabirin, M.S.H.; Hendry; Lim, J.; Kim, MunChurlresearcher, Multimedia on Mobile Devices 2007, v.6507, 2007-01-29

Musical timbre recognition with neural networks

Jeong, J.H.; Kim, D.S.; Lee, Soo-Youngresearcher, International Conference on Neural Information Processing, pp.869 - 872, 1995-10

Mutual Admittance of Two Arbitrary Antennas in Nonplanar Skew Positions Based on Infinitesimal Dipole Modeling

Kim, Young Dam; Yang, Sung Jun; Kang, Yun-Su; Hwang, In-June; Yu, Jong-Wonresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON ANTENNAS AND PROPAGATION, v.67, no.11, pp.6705 - 6713, 2019-11

Mutual Coupling Calculation of Leaky-Wave Slot Waveguide Antenna with Magneto-Dielectric Coating Layer

Kim, Byung-Kwan; Park, Seong-Ookresearcher; Kang, Jin-Seob, 2015 Asian Workshop on Antennas and Propagation, ECTI/IEICE/KIEES, 2015-06-18

Mutual coupling effects between transmit and receive antennas mounted on rectangular structure using FDTD algorithm

Choi, DH; Cho, Y; Park, SeongOokresearcher; Lee, JG, MICROWAVE AND OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY LETTERS, v.40, no.3, pp.265 - 268, 2004-02

Mutual Coupling Reduction using Via Fence in Microstrip Antenna

Minz, Laxmikant; Park, Seong-Ookresearcher, The 8th Asia-Pacific Conference on Antennas and Propagation (APCAP 2019), Incheon National University/KICS, 2019-08-07

Mutual incoherence discriminative dictionary learning for non-negative sparse representation in classification = 비음수 희소 표현을 위한 비간섭성 분류용 사전 학습을 통한 사진 분류 알고리즘link

Kang, Jungyu; 강정규; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2014

Mutual interferences in LiDARs for autonomous vehicles and their mitigation methods

Lee, Chang-Heeresearcher, 2019 International Photonic and OptoElectronics meeting(POEM), International Photonic and OptoElectronics meeting(POEM), 2019-11-10

Mutually Aware Prefetcher and On-Chip Network Designs for Multi-Cores

Lee, Jung Hoon; Kim, Han Joon; Shin, Minjeong; Kim, John Dongjunresearcher; Huh, Jaehyukresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON COMPUTERS, v.63, no.9, pp.2316 - 2329, 2014-09

Mutually Injected Fabry-Perot Laser Diodes for 10-Gb/s Broadcasting in WDM-PON

Yoo, Sang-Hwa; Kim, Joon-Young; Seo, Byung-Il; Kye, Myeong-Gyun; Lee, Chang-Heeresearcher, OptoElectronics and Optical Communications Conference (OECC), pp.1 - 2, OECC, 2013-06-30

Mutually injected Fabry-Perot laser diodes for injection seeded WDM-PON with low injection power

Yoo, Sang-Hwa; Kim, Joon-Young; Lee, Chang-Heeresearcher, Conference on Lasers and Electro Optics (CLEO), pp.CTh1H6 -, 2012-05-06

MWIR 및 LWIR 대역을 위한 HgCdTe 적외선 감지소자의 제작

이희철researcher; 김충기; Krzystof, C; 김영호, 국방과학연구소 통신/전자 학술대회, pp.613 - 625, 1997

MWIR용 128*1 HgCdTe 다이오드 어레이의 제작 및 특성

이희철researcher; 김충기; 박승만; 이성훈; 김영호, 제 5회 HgCdTe 반도체 Conference, pp.99 - 108, 1994



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