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A High IIP2 Direct-Conversion Receiver Using Even-Harmonic Reduction Technique for Cellular CDMA/PCS/GPS Applications

Hwang, Myung-Woon; Cho, Gyu-Hyeongresearcher; Yoo, S; Lee, JC; Ock, S; Min, S; Lee, SH; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CIRCUITS AND SYSTEMS I-REGULAR PAPERS, v.55, pp.2934 - 2943, 2008-10

A Highly Linear 1 GHz 1.3 dB NF CMOS Low-Noise Amplifier With Complementary Transconductance Linearization

Kim, Bum-Kyum; Im, Donggu; Choi, Jaeyoung; Lee, Kwyroresearcher, IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS, v.49, no.6, pp.1286 - 1302, 2014-06

Bias dependence of intermodulation distortion asymmetry in heterojunction bipolar transistor using nonlinear large-signal model

Park, HM; Hong, Songcheolresearcher, JAPANESE JOURNAL OF APPLIED PHYSICS PART 1-REGULAR PAPERS SHORT NOTES & REVIEW PAPERS, v.42, no.9A, pp.5438 - 5444, 2003-09



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