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A Preamble Collision Resolution Scheme via Tagged Preambles for Cellular IoT/M2M Communications

Jang, Han Seung; Kim, Su Min; Park, Hong-Shikresearcher; Sung, Dan Keunresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY, v.67, no.2, pp.1825 - 1829, 2018-02

An Enhanced PRACH Detector for Cellular IoT Communications

Kim, Taehoon; Bang, Inkyu; Sung, Dan Keunresearcher, IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, v.21, no.12, pp.2678 - 2681, 2017-12

Bird-MAC: Energy-Efficient MAC for Quasi-Periodic IoT Applications by Avoiding Early Wake-up

Kim, Daewoo; Jung, Jinhwan; Koo, Yoonpyo; Yi, Yungresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MOBILE COMPUTING, v.19, no.4, pp.788 - 802, 2020-04

Fully integrated and portable semiconductor-type multi-gas sensing module for IoT applications

Suh, Ji-Hoon; Cho, Incheol; Kang, Kyungnam; Kweon, Soon-Jae; Lee, Moonjin; Yoo, Hyung-Jounresearcher; Park, Inkyuresearcher, SENSORS AND ACTUATORS B-CHEMICAL, v.265, pp.660 - 667, 2018-07

Improvement of IoT platform visibility and interoperability = 사물인터넷 플랫폼 가시성 및 상호운용성 향상 방법link

Choi, Woohyun; Han, Dongsu; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2017

Joint Time Allocation for Wireless Energy Harvesting Decode-and-Forward Relay-Based IoT Networks With Rechargeable and Nonrechargeable Batteries

Shim, Yeonggyu; Park, Hyuncheolresearcher; Shin, Wonjae, IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL, v.8, no.4, pp.2792 - 21801, 2021-02

Learning to Demodulate From Few Pilots via Offline and Online Meta-Learning

Park, Sangwoo; Jang, Hyeryung; Simeone, Osvaldo; Kang, Joonhyukresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING, v.69, pp.226 - 239, 2021-01

nW급 에너지 하베스팅 어플리케이션 용 저전력 낮은 공급전압에서 동작하는 온도 센서 = Low power and low supply voltage temperature sensor for nW power and energy harvesting applicationlink

이주성; 조성환; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2017

RF low noise downconverter front-end design for 2.4 GHz Ultra Low Power Transceivers = 2.4GHz 초 저전력 트랜시버를 위한 RF 저잡음 다운 컨버터 프론트 엔드 설계link

Dissanayake, Mudiyanselage Anjana Nayana Bandara; Lee, Sang-Gug; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2017

SALA: Smartphone-Assisted Localization Algorithm for Positioning Indoor IoT Devices

Jeong, Jaehoon; Yeon, Solchan; Kim, Taemoon; Lee, Hyunsoo; Kim, Song Minresearcher; Kim, Sang-Chul, WIRELESS NETWORKS, v.24, no.1, pp.27 - 47, 2018-01

소프트웨어 정의 네트워크가 적용된 사물인터넷 환경에서의 프로토콜 게이트웨이 가상화 = Protocol gateway virtualization in SDN-enabled IoT networkslink

김세연; 정송; et al, 한국과학기술원, 2017



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