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Integration of Gold Nanoparticle-Carbon Nanotube Composite for Enhanced Contact Lifetime of Microelectromechanical Switches with Very Low Contact Resistance

Jo, Eunhwan; Lee, Yong-Bok; Jung, Yohan; Kim, Su-Bon; Kang, Yunsung; Seo, Min-Ho; Yoon, Jun-Boresearcher; et al, ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES, v.13, no.14, pp.16959 - 16967, 2021-04

Joint Channel Estimation, Training Design, Tx Power Allocation, and Rx Power Splitting for MIMO SWIPT Systems

Kim, Byungjo; Kang, Jae-Mo; Kim, Hyung-Myungresearcher; Kang, Joonhyukresearcher, IEEE COMMUNICATIONS LETTERS, v.25, no.4, pp.1269 - 1273, 2021-04

Characterization of base station deployment distribution and coverage in heterogeneous networks

Zhang, Hui; Feng, Liang; Zheng, Tianyu; Sung, Dan Keunresearcher, IET COMMUNICATIONS, v.15, no.3, pp.850 - 85, 2021-04

Ultracompact electro-optic waveguide modulator based on a graphene-covered lambda/1000 plasmonic nanogap

Kim, Shinho; Menabde, Sergey G.; Cox, Joel D.; Low, Tony; Jang, Min Seokresearcher, OPTICS EXPRESS, v.29, no.9, pp.13852 - 13863, 2021-04

The slope of cerebral oxyhemoglobin oscillation is associated with vascular reserve capacity in large artery steno-occlusion

Kim, Tae Jung; Kim, Jae-Myoung; Park, Soo-Hyun; Choi, Jong-Kwan; Bae, Hyeon-Minresearcher; Ko, Sang-Bae, SCIENTIFIC REPORTS, v.11, no.1, 2021-04

A Survey on Data Collection for Machine Learning: a Big Data - AI Integration Perspective

Roh, Yuji; Heo, Geon; Whang, Steven Euijongresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON KNOWLEDGE AND DATA ENGINEERING, v.33, no.4, pp.1328 - 1347, 2021-04

LazyBatching: An SLA-aware Batching System for Cloud Machine Learning Inference

Choi, Yujeong; Kim, Yunseong; Rhu, Minsooresearcher, The 27th IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA-27), pp.493 - 506, IEEE Computer Society, 2021-03-02

Tensor Casting: Co-Designing Algorithm-Architecture for Personalized Recommendation Training

Kwon, Youngeun; Lee, Yunjae; Rhu, Minsooresearcher, The 27th IEEE International Symposium on High-Performance Computer Architecture (HPCA-27), pp.235 - 248, IEEE Computer Society, 2021-03-01

A High Step-Up Switched-Capacitor 13-Level Inverter With Reduced Number of Switches

Kim, Ki-Mok; Han, Jung-Kyu; Moon, Gun-Wooresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON POWER ELECTRONICS, v.36, no.3, pp.2505 - 2509, 2021-03

Online incremental hierarchical classification resonance network

Park, Ju-Youn; Kim, Jong-Hwanresearcher, PATTERN RECOGNITION, v.111, pp.107672, 2021-03

Temporal Filtering Networks for Online Action Detection

Eun, Hyunjun; Moon, Jinyoung; Park, Jongyoul; Jung, Chanho; Kim, Changickresearcher, PATTERN RECOGNITION, v.111, pp.107695, 2021-03

Community detection and matrix completion with social and item similarity graphs

Zhang, Qiaosheng; Tan, Vincent Y. F.; Suh, Changhoresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON SIGNAL PROCESSING, v.69, pp.917 - 931, 2021-03

SAR Image Generation of Ground Targets for Automatic Target Recognition Using Indirect Information

Yoo, Jihee; Kim, Junmoresearcher, IEEE ACCESS, v.9, pp.27003 - 27014, 2021-03

Mobility-Assisted Covert Communication Over Wireless Ad Hoc Networks

IM, Hyeonseong; Lee, Si-Hyeonresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON INFORMATION FORENSICS AND SECURITY, v.16, pp.1768 - 1781, 2021-03

Recurrent Reconstructive Network for Sequential Anomaly Detection

Yoo, Yong-Ho; Kim, Ue-Hwan; Kim, Jong-Hwanresearcher, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON CYBERNETICS, v.51, no.3, pp.1704 - 1715, 2021-03

A 9.6-mW/Ch 10-MHz Wide-Bandwidth Electrical Impedance Tomography IC With Accurate Phase Compensation for Early Breast Cancer Detection

Lee, Jaehyuk; Gweon, Surin; Lee, Kwonjoon; Um, Soyeon; Lee, Kyoung-Rog; Yoo, Hoi-Junresearcher, IEEE JOURNAL OF SOLID-STATE CIRCUITS, v.56, no.3, pp.887 - 898, 2021-03

Insertion of Dielectric Interlayer: A New Approach to Enhance Energy Storage in HfxZr1-xO2 Capacitors

Das, Dipjyoti; Gaddam, Venkateswarlu; Jeon, Sanghunresearcher, IEEE ELECTRON DEVICE LETTERS, v.42, no.3, pp.331 - 334, 2021-03

Electronic and magnetic properties of carbide MXenes-the role of electron correlations

Bae, Soungmin; Kang, Yoon-Gu; Khanzaei, Mohammad; Ohno, Kaoru; Kim, Yong-Hoonresearcher; Han, Myung Joonresearcher; Chang, Kee Jooresearcher; et al, MATERIALS TODAY ADVANCES, v.9, 2021-03

Tracking Controller Design for Satellite Attitude Under Unknown Constant Disturbance Using Stable Embedding

Ko, Wonshick; Phogat, Karmvir Singh; Petit, Nicolas; Chang, Dong Euiresearcher, JOURNAL OF ELECTRICAL ENGINEERING & TECHNOLOGY, v.16, no.2, pp.1089 - 1097, 2021-03

Design of cooperative matched filter for detection of chemical agents

Yu, Hyeong-Geun; Lee, Chang Sik; Park, Dong-Joresearcher; Chang, Dong Euiresearcher; Nam, Hyunwoo, ELECTRONICS LETTERS, v.57, no.5, pp.216 - 218, 2021-03



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