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A 12-Bit Mobile OLED/μLED Display Driver IC with Cascaded Loading-Free Capacitive Interpolation DAC and 6.24V/μs-Slew-Rate Buffer Amplifier

Gang, Gyeong-Gu; Koh, Seok Tae; Jang, Woojin; LEE, JIHO; Lee, Seongjoo; Kwon, Ohjo; Jung, Keumdong; et al, 2021 Symposium on VLSI Circuits, IEEE, 2021-06-13

A 96.8%-Efficiency Continuous Input/Output-Current Step-Up/Down Converter Powering Disposable IoTs with Reconfigurable Multi-Cell-Balanced Alkaline Batteries

Ko, Min-Woo; Gang, Gyeong-Gu; Kim, Ki-Duk; Lee, Ji-Hun; Koh, Seoktae; Kong, Taehwang; Kim, Sang-Ho; et al, 2020 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference (ISSCC), pp.204 - 205, IEEE, 2020-02-18



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