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A 5.8-GHz DSRC Transceiver With a 10-uA Interference-Aware Wake-Up Receiver for the Chinese ETCS

Choi, Jeongki; Lee, In-Young; Lee, Kanghyuk; Yun, Seok-Oh; Kim, Joomyoung; Ko, Jinho; Yoon, Giwanresearcher; et al, IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON MICROWAVE THEORY AND TECHNIQUES, v.62, no.12, pp.3146 - 3160, 2014-12

A Reconfigurable CMOS Power Amplifier by Using Switched Network for ZigBee/Bluetooth Applications

Yun, Seok-Oh; Yoo, Hyung Jounresearcher, ITC-CSCC 2006 (International Technical Conference on Circuits/Systems, Computers and Communications), pp.181 - 184, IEICE, 2006-07-12

A Reconfigurable CMOS Power Amplifier for Wireless PAN Applications

Yun, Seok-Oh; Yoo, Hyung Jounresearcher, ISOCC 2006 (International SoC Design Conference), pp.567 - 571, IEEK, 2006-10-27

An Interference-Aware 5.8GHz Wake-Up Radio for ETCS

Choi, Jeong-Ki; Lee, Kang-Hyuk; Yun, Seok-Oh; Lee, Sang-Gugresearcher; Ko, Jin-Ho, IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference, IEEE, 2012-02-22

ESD Characteristics of GaAs versus Silicon Diode

Park, Changkun; Yun, Seok-Oh; Han, Jeonghu; Cheon, Sang-Hoon; Park, Jae-Woo; Hong, Songcheolresearcher, 13th Gallium Arsenide and other Compound Semiconductors Application Symposium, pp.273 - 276, 2005-10



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